‘My Epic’ Releases Video for New Single ‘White Noises’ ft. Cory Brandan (Norma Jean)


The first single from the upcoming My Epic EP “Violence” is here! Listen to ‘White Noises’ on Spotify, Apple Music or wherever you listen to music. “Violence”is the second part of the double ep project and will be released on May 10 via Facedown Records. Pre-order your copy today.

Aaron Stone on the new EP

This record named itself long before we knew why. Before a single riff or lyric was written, we started talking about Violence. We always try to write about whatever is in front of us. It’s the only way we know to be authentic. But this time it was staring us right in the eyes and standing too close for comfort. It was a hard couple years and we poured it all into the record. It’s a record about loss, confusion, anger, authenticity, addiction, and the hope that comes from staring right back. We’ve written a lot of records about the importance of celebrating and valuing the beautiful truths but it’s just as important to condemn the ugly ones. There is a time for rejoicing, for resting, for peace, and there is a time for violence.

On the new single ‘White Noises’

White Noises is a parable about total lack of empathy. Lately it seems that engaging one another on a human level with dignity, decency, and humility is considered some form of selling out. So no one is learning. No one is being persuaded. There is no progress. When everyone is emphatic and no one is listening everyone sounds the same- it’s all white noise.

Track List:
1. Bloody Angles
2. White Noises (feat. Cory Brandan)
3. Spit and Blood
4. Black Light
5. Spit it Out
6. Tsuneni
7. Bad Accent

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The first EP of the double ep project “Ultraviolet” has been released on March 30 2018 via Facedown Records.

Our review for “Ultraviolet” can be found here

Video for ‘White Noises’



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