‘Fireflood’ from India Releases Music Video for ‘Fireflood’


India’s Fireflood have released a music video for their song ‘Fireflood,’ the video can be watched below. The song is taken from their latest album which has been released last year October.

Fireflood is a Concoction of music genres ranging from Classic rock,blues, Funk and Jazz, a worship Rock outfit lifting up Jesus our Lord and Saviour.

Fireflood band cover is painted by artist Reuben Bhattacharya AKA @Visual Amnesia who has created art for Slipknot, Skyharbor, Twelve Foot Ninja, Allegaeon, Textures, Demonic Resurrection, Aliases, Breaking Bad, Game Of Thrones and more.

Here is the story behind the artwork as stated by Bhattacharya:

Fireflood is a vision of another worldly power of awakening. A super being who has come to cleanse all the evil in this world with burning hope and the power of positivity. I imagined and tried to depict the band’s vision with a large and cinematic painting of an all avenging superhero, an Archangel that has reached earth via a portal opening to a godly universe. His body of midnight sky covered in blue flames and wielding the golden cross sword, is an image of worship, and represents the best of humanity. We are all capable of love, hope, inspiration and that fire burns with even within every human. All it takes is to reach in and awaken something that helps us be more than who we were. I hope this piece of art connects a burning energy to the music and shines like a beacon on your darkest days.”

Recordings done at Nathaniel Production House, Bangalore, mixing by Matt Geroux at Matt Geroux Recording, Nashville, mastering done at Dan Shike Tone and volume mastering Tennessee.

1. Tonight
2. Rain (video)
3. Letting Go
4. Fireflood
5. Walk Away
6. Home
7. Seventh Ballad
8. Time
9. Blackest Night
10. My World
11. Toop Toop
12. Stranger

Fireflood is a Bangalore based band that was founded in the summer of May 2014 by the frontman and vocalist Jeven John and lead guitarist Willy Karlukhi. Fireflood is a classic rock band with a balance of rock & roll and blues. When seven professional musicians unite brewing a powerful essence of years of deep fellowship with the savior of the soul, a musical excellence that interlocks different sounds that mends broken hearts and gives hope to the lonely and the lost soul this is progression of music which literally pulls your heart strings and leaves you in a state of bliss.

The band members consists of vocalist Jeven John and co-vocalist Kekhrie Ringa, Algan Lyngdoh on the rhythm guitar, Willy Kharlukhi on the lead guitar, Aiborlang Marbaniang on the bass, Dakerri Shabong on the keyboard and Ethan Alrico on the drums.

Weblinks: Facebook / iTunes

Video for ‘Fireflood’


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