MxPx Releases Video for ‘Can’t Keep Waiting’


Bremerton, Washington pop punks MxPx released its new single ‘Can’t Keep Waiting’ last thursday (April 15). The band’s latest release originally premiered live as part of the “Between This World And The Next” series, allowing fans to watch the song grow into its final form. – The music video for ‘Can’t Keep Waiting’ can be seen below.

That evolutionary approach is fitting, given the song’s message about growth and transformation. In an exclusive explanation for Alternative Press, Herrera discussed the emotional themes at play in the band’s new track.

“I wrote one of my favorite lines in history, and it’s in this song,” Herrera says. “‘Did your heart bite out of your chest?’ It’s about your heart coming alive inside of you, still beating in your chest but feeling foreign. Feeling trapped, the alien heart decides to bite its bloody way through your chest to get out. If you’ve seen the movie Alien, then I’m sure this makes more than perfect sense.”

Herrera went on to clarify that the song isn’t just meant to convey unfocused passion but also holds a deeper significance.

“It all passes by so quickly, and the deeper meaning takes over your mind quickly,” Herrera continues. “It all happens in one line of the song, and there are many other lines that have their own story to unfold. There’s simplicity on the surface and depth beneath. I really love this song and am so excited to finally unleash it into the world. To biting through chests! Figuratively speaking, of course.”

Video for ‘Can’t Keep Waiting’

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