Living Sacrifice – Self Titled – 30th Anniversary


The American thrash-metallers, Living Sacrifice need no introduction. The band has been on and off the scene and saw multiple line-up changes throughout its 32 years since formation. Having a solid 8 studio albums to their name, the band was set to release their documentary “30 years of Sacrifice” last year which saw interruptions due to the Covid Pandemic. As I understand, the current album is a re-release of its Self-titled debut album to celebrate the bands 30th Anniversary, which is due to release on the 23rd of April 2021.

Living Sacrifice has been known over the years to be quite experimental of their styles, be it the thrash metal days right at its formation, or to the death metal or the Metalcore sound the band adopted later on. The band’s self-titled debut album often was compared to Slayer, but the band’s third album “Inhabit” received critical acclaim and has been known as the bands heaviest. A number of bands, such as the likes of As I lay dying, Demon Hunter, Saving grace have listed being influenced by Living Sacrifice.

Now that I have my hands on their first album (again), I’d be lucky to relive through their sound and take a course down the memory lane. Often a band’s debut album gives immense insight to what the future holds for the band and helps define their fanbase at the same time. Well, without further ado, let me spin out the first track, “Violence” which starts off with blitzing riff blazing its way through glory. The song captures the true essence of thrash metal genre, with its incessant guitar riffs married to blast beats and the staccato-ish vocals that march on and just gets you to the zone.

“Internal Unrest” brings about the heaviness with a diminished chord which leads on to interesting knee jerk riffing that’s definite to give one a sore neck. The interlude where the bass takes over and lets the guitar gush in gives the song character. The song protrudes so much power that its contagious. “Second Death” takes no time and keeps you hooked before we experience a surge of pure thrash metal bliss. And as it transitions to “Obstruction”, I love it how the jarring /hypnotic sounds take the song forward to a mellow guitar riff to something that punches you in the face will sweep you off your feet.

“Walls of Separation” gives you a breather, for thy sore neck needs one! Nevertheless that’s not going to last as the song pounces on with all its power and brings about crazy riffing over maddening blast beats. I love the old school Thrash metal and at times have apprehensions while listening to some of the new age tech death bands, which although play to the dot, lose out on the essence of music, which is the feeling that one derives out of the experience. Listening to “Phargx Imas” I could imagine of a time where the radio-waves were heavy on such tracks and would provide for much needed adrenaline to get you going through your day! Fun times!

“No Grave Concern” gets you grooving with catchy riffs while “Dealing with Ignorance” brings forth some raw drumming at the onset before plummeting you with cranked up blast beats, the chorus on it makes it for a good anthem that could enthrall an audience. As we near the end of this terrific album “Prodigal” and “Anorexia Spiritual” culminate all of our experience yet as it brings together all the elements and the power to close the album in style.

Production – The songs on album are produced well although I did not completely get to hear the bass, I have no complaints.

Conclusion – Minus the influences I heard, for which I could care less, the power that resonates on this album is tremendous. Don’t miss out the re-release and give yourself an amazing trip down to the memory lane!

Rating: 9.5/10

Written by: Ankit Sood

Band Line Up Anno 1991:
Bruce Fitzhugh – Guitars
Lance Garvin – Drums
Jason Truby – Guitars
DJ – Vocals (lead), Bass


  1. Violence
  2. Internal Unrest
  3. Second Death
  4. Obstruction
  5. Walls of Separation
  6. Phargx Imas
  7. No Grave Concern
  8. Dealing with Ignorance
  9. Prodigal
  10. Anorexia Spiritual

Release Date: 23rd April 2021

1991: Living Sacrifice s/t
1992: Nonexistent
1994: Inhabit
1997: Reborn
2000: Hammering Process
2002: Conceived in Fire
2010: The Infinite Order
2013: Ghost Thief
2021: 30 years of Sacrifice: The Story of Living Sacrifice (Documentary) trailer below.

Record Label: Nordic Mission

Weblinks: Facebook  / Twitter / Manheadmerch / Spotify

Video: First time playing live in front of a audience

Video: 30 Years of Living Sacrifice

Video: Kurt Bachman & Joey Daub (Believer)

Video: Chris Kael (Five Finger Death Punch) “First Time I Heard Living Sacrifice”

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