Former ‘Morbid Angel’ Drummer ‘Pete Sandoval’ “God Came Into My Heart and He Opened My Eyes” (Audio Interview)


Pete-Sandoval-02Andrew Haug of “The Racket” radio show recently conducted an interview with drummer Pedro “Pete” Sandoval (Ex-Morbid Angel, Terrorizer) at the Hammersonic festival in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Pete talks about, his health five years after undergoing back surgery. On newer extreme metal drummers. On whether his split with Morbid Angel had anything to do with his religious beliefs. On how he feels when he looks back on his legacy with Morbid Angel. On whether he would have stayed in Morbid Angel after he “fell in love with God”.
On whether he misses playing with Morbid Angel, and more. Listen to this interview in the youtube clip below.

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