Italian Metal Band Great Master Releases ‘All For Me Grog’ Lyric Video, New Album Out May 20th


Underground Symphony is pleased to announce the lyric video of ‘All For Me Grog’, the first song of the fifth Great Master full length called “Thy Harbour Inn”.

‘All For Me Grog’ is a song born at sea that quickly became a popular pub and tavern song in ports around the world. It tells the story of a man who spends all his money on alcohol and tobacco, and then sells all of his belongings (including his boots, shirt and bed) as a means of further financing grog and tobacco. The resulting hangover is clearly sensed, but the song is light-hearted and is a celebration of drinking and carefree life.

“Thy Harbour Inn” is an anthological album with a collection of historical and traditional seafaring songs of the anglo-saxon maritime culture (shanties), reinterpreted and rearranged in the style of the band.

It will be available from may 20th on and in digital version in the best music web stores.

Lyric video for ‘All For Me Grog’

Band Members:
Stefano Sbrignadello – Vocals
Jahn Carlini – Guitars
Manuel Menin – Guitars
Massimo David – Bass
Max Penzo – Drums
Giorgio Peccenini – Piano & Keyboards

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