‘Come&Live!’ European Tour Feat. ‘Showbread’


After almost a year of planning (and numerous line-up changes), we are happy to announce that this month the first ever Come&Live! European tour featuring Showbread and Safemode will finally take off! [Tour dates are listed below].

Come&Live! is a record label / non-profit community started by Chad Johnson who used to work at Tooth&Nail. Bands like Showbread, Holding Onto Hope, Life In Your Way, MyChildren MyBride, Sleeping Giant and So Long Forgotten are linked to this community, where artists give away their releases for free and purely live on donations made by fans.

For Showbread this will also surprisingly be the first European tour ever! The band has been around for 14 years and has gone through numerous lineup changes since its formation but maintains its two founding members, Josh Dies and Patrick Porter. Josh Dies is also the author of “The Spinal Cord Perception,” “The Insect,” and “Nevada”. Showbread gained media attention when, in 2006, a fan made video for the song “Dead By Dawn” was featured on YouTube. The video was seen by the band and posted on their own site, giving rise to controversy over Showbread‘s lyrical themes. Showbread is known for giving ridiculous statements in the press and in interviews. Most interviews, regardless of purpose, vary from light hearted nonsense to outright absurdity, becoming serious only when answering questions dealing with their faith.

Safemode from Sweden will support Showbread on this tour. They already toured together with Showbread recently in South-America so the 2 bands are close friends. Musically they can be compared to bands like Underoath and Intohimo. Below you can watch a YouTube video:

The Spirit That Guides Us will also be part of this special package on select dates (Berlin, Amersfoort, Kampen, Balingen). TSTGU have released earlier this week their brand new album Innocent Blood soon. Check the brand new video Demons & Diamonds!

European Tour dates:

10/21/11 Forum 7:00pm – with Safemode, Bielefeld, Germany
10/23/11 Astra Stube 6:00pm – with Safemode, Hamburg, Germany
10/25/11 SO36 9:00pm – with Safemode & The Spirit that Guides Us, Berlin, Germany
10/27/11 De Kelder 7:30pm – with Safemode & The Spirit that Guides Us,  Amersfoort, The Netherlands
10/28/11 Ukien 9:00pm – with Safemode & The Spirit that Guides Us, Kampen, The Netherlands
10/29/11 Rock Without Limits 10:00pm – with Safemode & The Spirit that Guides Us, Gomaringen, Germany
11/02/11 ICS 6:00pm – with Safemode, Vienna, Austria
11/05/11 Roarfest 5:00pm – with Safemode, Nurnberg, Germany
11/10/11 Fabrika 6:00pm – with Safemode, Poznan, Poland

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