‘Ten Bands For Ten Bucks’ With ‘Rosanna Raiders’ & ‘Wonrowe Vision’ [Join The ‘Infiltration Squad’]


Bassist/vocalist Steve Rowe of Australian Christian metallers  issued the following update: Wonrowe Vision will be performing at a Local Christian Music Festival here on November 26th called Ten Bands For Ten Bucks! Rosanna’s Raiders are also performing as The Headline Act! We are performing 9th on The Bill just before Raiders. See silverbulletrecords.com for details.

The 15th Mortification release Scribe Of The Pentateuch is still in The Mix Process because I have run out of money. But the new Opus will be ready and hopefully out January 2012! I have a FULL 2nd Wonrowe Vision Album Ready to be Recorded and so if you wish to help me financially with these releases you can do so via PayPal to info@roweproductions.com

I think I am starting to see the benefits of my Music being taken from The Net in that At Least The Message Is Getting Out There in The Hundreds Of Thousands. But, of course, that does not help keep the Bands running financially! With The 6 new Mortification Songs, the day The CD, iTunes & possibly Vinyl is released I will have All 6 Songs IN FULL up on Mortification2010’s YouTube Channel! Hopefully this will deter stealing the songs and help promote the release so that people can come to roweproductions.com or go to iTunes to purchase a REAL COPY!!

I appreciate all the support from you my friends! If you have not yet joined the Infiltration Sqaud you can also do that at roweproductions.com


Would you like to be a part of an uplifting forum and place where you can join with True Christian Metal Heads? Then the Infiltration Squad is for you!! I am starting a Question Of The Week Video on The Infiltration Squad Facebook and hopefully doubling this up on my Mortification2010 Channel on YouTube. Anyone can send me a question about anything to info@roweproductions.com and each week I will choose 1 question to answer on Video. The question that gets chosen every week will receive a FREE Copy of Mortification “The Evil Addiction Destroying Machine” CD. Please place in your email Subject “Question Of The Week”. Then just send me The Question, Your Name and Physical address and email address within the body of the email. JUST THOSE 3 THINGS! If you send a mass of writing your question cannot be chosen. Please check the Infiltration Squad Facebook and YouTube each week to see if YOUR QUESTION is the one that I chose to answer.

Please note that only members of the Infiltration Squad will be accepted as friends on my Infiltration Squad Facebook. This Facebook page is for True Christian Metal Fans who wish to connect with other True Christian Metal fans and discuss topics relevant to our scene. I do have Family, Friends, People I admire and Non-Christian Metal Musicians from The Australian Metal Scene on the Infiltration Squad Facebook Page as friends also. But I can’t accept everybody because there is SO MUCH NEGATIVISM OUT THERE REGARDING MYSELF, MORTIFICATION AND WONROWE VISION that I need to know friend applicants are SERIOUS SUPPORTERS!! You prove this to me by becoming a member of the Infiltration Squad.

If I accepted every request to Friend I would have thousands of people and considering some of the false opinions people have of myself and what I do on “christian” forums I cannot take the risk of bringing negativism onto the Infiltration Squad page. Simply click Infiltration Squad on The Rowe Productions Site, see all the goodies that you get in the pak for just $77 USD, scroll down the bottom of that page and come and join with us in what is THE FUTURE OF JESUS METAL COMMUNICATION!! Negative, angry and spiteful people will not pay the price of being True and thus I know that the Infiltration Squad Community is full of legitimate people with a True Christian outlook on life! If you do not like what I do with Mortification and Wonrowe Vision then don’t buy it and if you steal it from The Net for the purpose of negativism then you will face God on your Judgement Day. I have been Writing, Recording and Performing Christian Metal and Rock for 26 years and have a MASS OF SUPPORTERS WORLDWIDE.

Blessings To All!
Steve Rowe

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