Mind of the Sick – Possessed (ep)


Mind_Pos_2013Mind of the Sick return with the Possessed ep and like their previous release, is available as a free download.  In 2011, Noah Tubbs completed a solo project and album Only Living Dead and then decided to give the project a name and Mind of the Sick was born.  For Possessed, Mind of the Sick now is a full band and continues in the style of Only Living Dead.

From a style and genre perspective, Mind of the Sick would fall best into the genre of industrial metal, and have been compared in terms of sound to bands like Powerman 5000 and Rob Zombie.  On Possessed, what is most striking to me is the lack of driving groove in the songs that is characteristic of Rob Zombie songs especially.  “Bring It” and “RedRope” both feature a staccato-like vocal delivery that goes along with the underlying music.  The mixing and production on the ep seems rather odd to me with the vocals not being very well integrated into the overall sound and the instruments sounding overly distorted, which makes it difficult to discern the contributions of each.  In terms of the vocals, throughout the ep, the delivery is very straightforward, to the point of making it difficult to determine any emotion behind the vocals.

There is some variety in the songs, however with the song “Candy” having more of that melodic groove that I was expecting to hear given the comparisons to other bands.  Here again though the vocals are strong but seem to lack variety in terms of delivery, tone, or inflection, which makes it difficult for them to convey a strong sense of emotion and the instruments remain in the distorted sound that persists through the album.

Rating: 3/10

01) Bring it
02) Red Rope
03) Candy
04) Possessed
05) Broken
06) Through the Fire
07) Won’t Back Down ft Cyberlas
08) Wake Up
09) Won’t Back Down [Cyberlash]

Record Label: Independent, March 2013

Band Members:
Noah Tubbs – Vocals- Guitar
JR Zellner – Drums
Mike Wright – Guitar
Tom Smedley – Bass

Weblinks: Facebook / Twitter /  Reverbnation

Interview With ‘Mind Of The Sick’ [May 2012]

Video below for “Through the Fire”

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