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2.0_la-venturaChanging or re-inventing yourself can be a risky decision to make, but sometimes we need to make it to break out of a mould or dead end creativity wise. Sometimes we got to find a new creative outlet or style to expand on ones capabilities and experience or find a new creative platform whereby one has a new perspective and canvas to draw from, and thus refresh ones inspiration. Whatever the reason, it is often a risky endeavour that can blow up in your face if not done right. I have seen many bands that have tried to reinvent themselves and fail dismal, and then there are those bands you do just wish they would reinvent themselves and move on or die. La Ventura is not one of those bands you would wish they would pack it up or die, past or present.

La-Ventura is a Dutch female fronted melodic Metal/ Rock band founded in early 2007. It has taken 2 years to get the formula they desired, and formula is very important in finding that sweet spot where one is able to perform and be inspired from. So with a little reinvention we found a band poised to deliver their best foot forward. On 2.0 if this change works for them it will be a great steppingstone for the band to develop its new sound and draw in a new audience or increase their audience base by which they are able to find success within. Now I don’t know too much around the history of La-Ventura, and what kind of people they are, and how they interact with one another concerning their music, but I think this EP 2.0, it’s a great platform to spread their wings from. It’s a solid undertaking that reflects a band willing to find that perfect sound or interpretation from which they are able to create the art they love to do, and do it with excellence at hand.

Is the formula correct? Time will tell, and I think it’s a little early to hand over judgment just yet, but I would say that this EP is a solid introduction of their new found formula. The thing will be now to check if they stay the path, and keep to their guns, because also if a band is in a continued flux of reinvention, it does not bode well for their longevity, and then the fans would just get angry or bored and move on.

That said La Ventura’s new found direction has spawned a powerful groove machine that serenades the listener with melody and chunky full bodied riffs. The music is as much intentional as it is courageous.

It’s an EP that reflects with deliberate intension of the next journey that the band is under taking looking to the future. The more metal feel comes nicely through with quality and effect powered by effective melody of song. It’s certainly a step forward from “White Crow” in the right direction even within the reinvention. So whether you introduced to the opening track, “Carry On” or taken to the end with, “The Great Escape” their music invites you on a ride of melody and song with a new, bigger, refreshed heart that is intent on turning one to root for them. The intention of the album, their direction and stand can be found in both the music and the lyrics alike. Yes at times the vocals can be a bit formula and what is expected from this kind of genre, but Carla carries it well, and delivers a passionate and convincing performance on the EP. Even at times with the guitars one gets a sense of familiarity and formula so commonly found in this kind of music, but it does not distract from the quality it is played at. When one dissects the video single track, “As I lay Dying” it is an outstanding example of the bands musical intent and ability, even though the introduction of the music at the beginning of the song still after a number of listens still sits uncomfortable with me. I think I would have preferred a proper start to the song, rather than a fade in. That aside it’s a great song, and gives a clear indicator of the bands style and brand, and ability.

As I have said, and I’ll repeat it again, this album is fired up with intent and purpose, and even if it was an average release disappearing into the myriad of other bands that might sound similar, which they not, they would still get my vote because the album speaks volumes of a band setting their eyes on beyond the sky.

I think the risk has paid off on here. Reinvention is working well, and I hope we get to hear it develop and grow going forward. This female vocal band is not just another hard rock wannabe starlet harlot chasing the horizon of many other bands that have traversed a similar path or format, but a band that respectively can stand on its own, able to cut in a groove of self identity, not hopping on a band wagon in the hope because they sound like someone else they would make it.

Though there are moments of formula and familiarity this a strong release that sets solid foundations for the future and most certainly expectations are going to be set high for their next offering. It’s a groovy hard rocking / metal release delivered with passion and energy from the guitars, drums and bass right through to the vocals, or setting the band up for what is a beyond average release that abounds with melody and riffs. If you like me and enjoy some good melodic metal riffage, this album certainly has that, and not merely in moment, but from start to finish. 2.0 is a primarily a taste of things to come in my books – a primer to the paint to come. The keyboard arrangements are also well done, and give the album a big band feel in rather than dominating the mix; they accent the driving power unit of the band to give you a well balanced diet of groovy heavy melody. Take a listen and enjoy! As I have been shown time and time again, Northern European bands seem to always know how to rock!

“Members changed, music matured but nevertheless the fans will get the best of La-Ventura!”- La-Ventura

Rating: 7.5/10

Written by Donovan de Necker

Track listing:
1) Carry On
2) As I Lay Dying
3) Brave Man
4) The Great Escape

Band Members:
Carla van Huizen – Vocals
Mike Saffrie – Bass
Sascha Kondic – Guitar
Stefan Simons – Drums

“Trefoil” [Demo] (2006)
“A New Beginning” (2007)
“Breaking The Silence” EP (2009)
‘Song for an Idiot ‘ [single] (2013)
“White Crow” (2013)
“2.0 ” EP (2015)
tba (2016)

Record Label: Valkyrie Rising (Germany, Switzerland and Austria) / Ravenheart Music (UK, Ireland and The Benelux), Nov. 2015

Buy the album here:
First Paradox
Norway: Nordic Mission

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Video below: ‘As I Lay Dying’


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