American Arson “A Line In The Sand”


American Arson offer up rock n roll hardcore on their album, “A Line In The Sand” released on Facedown Records. Their debut full album release on Facedown is a energetic blast that offers both melody and aggression with a solid rock n roll punch in the face.

Akin to a top fuel dragster staging you just know you in for one hell of a ride from the first track, and when the rubber gets grip the velocity is maintained at times sending ones brain ears in to adrenaline O.D. The music drives with simplicity yet when complexity is demanded Evan Baker and Jesse Gentry musical relationship does a fantastic job at it, digging into the catalogues of both new school and old school hardcore with star studded excellence.

One of my favourite tracks is “Drop Your Draggers”, which does just that mixing up some old school hardcore with new school elements and its driving momentum hits hard like Thor’s Hammer. Its hardcore punk edges I can identify with as a 80’s hardcore punk kid. It’s also quite poetic they used punk as the back bone for a political message. Well done.

In some ways the album reminded me of Sleeping Giant. Or at least brought reminders of Sleeping Giant. Especially on songs like “Unbreakable” and “The King Is Alive”. Clearly there is no refuting their faith in Jesus Christ with such songs as these.

Honestly it’s a great overall album that is built on conviction with a solid message, and though at times the album might have some songs that are not easily distinguishable from the next as they very similar the album is never tiresome and drives consistently, making very good use of the recorded time allotted for this recording. Over all “A Line In The Sand” is a solid piece of rock music. It’s earnest, poignant and powerful. Lyrically strongly faith based, there is no reading into the album where their hearts and compasses are set. American Arson’s “A Line In The Sand” is a great choice to be had in the times we are in. Lyrically I think the album needs a few listens to take in the content, but the more you listen to the album the more you fall in love with it.

For fans of: Sleeping Giant and Skillet….then throw some hardcore rock n roll punk for good measure.

Rating: 8/10

Written by Donovan de Necker

Track List:

1. The End
2. Drop Your Daggers
3. Forever
4. Unbreakable 
5. Stay True
6. The Water Will Rise
7. Let Conviction Grow
8. Huddled Masses
9. Wolf Pack
10. The King Is Alive

Record Label: Facedown Records

Release Date: July 3, 2020

“The Vine & The Branches (2014)
“The Seeds & The Soil” Ep (2015)
“The Blood & The Bones” Ep (2015)
“Waymaker” Ep (2017)
‘No Mercy’ (Pvris Cover) ( 2018)
“Rise And Fall” Ep (2019)
“A Line In The Sand” (2020)

Band Members
Evan Baker – Vocals, guitar
Jesse Gentry – Drums, vocals

Weblinks:Facebook Instagram / Website

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