Impending Doom – “Death Will Reign”


impendingdoomdeathsmaller_638There seems to be a trend of bands that are trying to just be heavy, like really heavy. For some this works in their favor and others not at. It all depending on what unique quality they are able to bring out of the rip roaring chaotic heaviness of their sound. I think most people when looking for new music, are looking for originality and different. The whole core industry which is very popular, whether hardcore, metalcore or deathcore, and has certainly made its mark in the industry with some convincing bands, but it does seem to be that its getting overweight, and that there needs to be some fat cut from it, to allow those bands that are from those genre’s that are in fact good, and need to get given a chance to break through and be heard. Impending Doom has certainly broking through the fat, and is a shining light in its genre. You don’t get 214,985 likes by playing mediocre and forgettable music. So whether the album sucks in your opinion, or is a hit in your over view, at the end regardless of what I say, its the fans votes that count for real. This is just one man’s opinion. The true casting of the quality verse impact of the product will come down to the cd sales at the end of the day.

Death Will Reign is the fifth installment of Californian death metallers Impending Doom from eONE Music which was released in early November. Its not always easy to review a band that is merely just heavy….. its full of intense growling and sometimes frantic screams delivered with mechanical eruptions of guitar explosions. I have always said the best place to review whether a band sucks or not is at a live venue, and a great band can sell in the most horrid of venues. The music though not the best I have heard from this kind of extreme genre, better identified as deathcore, has enough chaos and explosive bursts to keep it at-least half interesting and the listener in a state of shock, as the guitar violence storms and attacks the inner ear workings. You are not going to be able to whistle a tune from this, or hum it, as you drive to work, it reminds me of music that should be played in the catacombs of some eerie castle, and you hope that all the mythology of vampires and werewolves are merely just that. For instance ‘Beyond The Grave’ reminded me of a movie I saw years ago called Werewolf in Paris, it is a cult film now, and if there was a remake, then a song like Beyond The Grave needs to play while the werewolves feed in the catacomb scene. “The band refers to its style of Christian metal as “Gorship” – a portmanteau of gore and worship.The band also clarify on their MySpace blog that “Gorship” is their way of worshiping God through their gore sounding music; not worshiping “gore” as some are led to believe.” – Wikipedia

Its not exactly good music if you have a heart condition, when played loud, you heart automatically steps up in beats regardless, as the music gouges at your chest attempting to pulverize it and tear you apart. It does not paint pretty butterfly imagery when listening, nor leave a pleasant feeling in the stomach. It can come across somewhat repetitive.

Death Will Reign is a brutally heavy presentation, and by all purposes it packs more than its fair share of gut ripping punches from start to finish without apology. Its deathcore or whatever – Gorship, at its heaviness gone AWOL, its brutally metal, its large and sounds pretty angry.
Songs like “Death Will Reign” is an example of the brutal-ness and savageness of the sound, dropping the floor beneath you into a pit of explosively charged guitar heaviness. I suppose ideal for a night out in the mosh-pit.

So it is that apocalyptic heaviness which is one of its greater selling point of this album. Its not that they trying in my books to out show any other heavy act out there, 5 albums down, you really should not have to be proving yourself. So I think they just charging as as usual, but obviously they not going, hey I have an idea, lets make a bad record, you try and improve from record to record, yes maybe you hit a dud along the way, but its in no shape or form the battle plan. In this case the album has to me a far more personal feel than some of their other releases, and the genuineness and overall follow through give a convincing package to the most part. “My Blood” is extremely personal, and spears with conviction and purpose lyrically, “ “I would sacrifice my life for my son and my wife // You can break my heart and my bones but you’ll never take my home.”

This all said I would not say this is their greatest album, or the fact that this album is going to blow your brains right out your eye sockets. In fact all the heaviness can become a tad repetitive as I said and tiring after awhile, if not exhausting a bit. Tracks though that lead the pack on the album are, “Death Will Reign”, “Ravenous Disease”, “My Blood”. But for those moments you want to just go mental and you have a padded cell available, this is a great album in that respect. Its a first time that an album for me is balanced between two worlds, and that makes it difficult to really give a rating that really sums up the album perfectly. Its good on one side, not so good on another. So there!, Ultimately you make up your mind, by giving it a listen yourself and going from there. That is one of the best points of wisdom I can give you on this album.

Don’t get me wrong on my rating, these musicians are not shabby at all, but so much heaviness just was too much to endure in one sit down with little variation or uniqueness. Some things are merely better taken in small doses, This is like that rich chocolate Mousse, on one account, its delicious, but have to much, you bound to throw up. There is nothing docile or tame about this release.So from a mentally schizophrenically sounding brutal album comes a conservative rating. I am sure if you dig chest pulverizing, spine crushing brutal-ness in your diet of musical pleasure, then you’ll enjoy this a lot. There were moments I really got into it.
Oh take a listen to some of that eerie piano on “The Great Divine” that plays the listener out of Death Will Reign, its pretty awesome. Okay so some albums are adventurous, others a journey, then some experiences, and in some way this embodies all three thus setting the pulse steady for anyone who enjoys this kind of musical exploration.

Rating: 6.5/10

Written by Donovan de Necker

1. Ravenous Disease
2. Death Will Reign
3. Beyond The Grave
4. My own Maker
5. Doomsday
6. Rip, Tear, and Burn
7. Hellhole
8. My Blood
9. Endless
10. Live or Die
11. The Great Divine

Band Members:
Brook Reeves – vocals
Manny Contreras – guitar
David Sittig – bass guitar
Brandon Trahan – drums
Eric Correa – guitar

The Sin and Doom of Godless Men, EP (2005)
Nailed. Dead. Risen. (2007)
The Serpent Servant (2009)
There Will Be Violence (2010)
Baptized in Filth (2012) [review]
Death Will Reign (2013)

Record Label: eOne Music, Nov. 2013

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Buy the album here:
Holland: First Paradox
Norway: Nordic Mission
USA: Metal Helm

Video below ‘Doomsday’

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