Impending Doom – Baptized In Filth


Impending Doom is a deathcore act, hailing from Riverside (California, US). They formed seven years ago and have released three albums in the past years (‘Nailed, Dead And Risen’ in 2007, ‘The Serpent Servant’ in 2009 and ‘There Will Be Violence’ two years ago). How does their newcomer ‘Baptized In Filth’ compare to their previous releases?

Their new album ‘Baptized In Filth’ more or less continues where their previous one left off. The known elements as the high energy, the death metal with core elements, the down tuned guitars, the groovy riffs, the blast beats … they are all present again. Where ‘There Will Be Violence’ sounded a bit disjointed to me, ‘Baptized In Filth’ comes more across as a whole. The unifying factor seems to be the constant and ever presence musical violence, in which the intense, groovy riffs definitely play a key part. Another key role is there for vocalist Brooke Reeves who, with his constant rage and constant frenzy, evokes a wonderful, dark ambience. Despite the unity, this album also knows an outsider … at ‘My Light Unseen’ Ryan Clark (Demon Hunter) appears as a guest en and although there is nothing wrong with this track, it immediately gets a very strong sense of Demon Hunter with the income of a lot of melody.

With lyrics such as “The one you reject is the God that saves us all” (‘Angry Letters To God’), “Angels and demons fighting for your prayers. There’s a world of difference, don’t worship ignorance. Treating your iconic images, like they are a God. Come to know the truth and witness the brilliance.” (‘Falling away’) and “Death, ascension, resurrection” (from the eponymous track), there is no doubt as what the band stands for.

There is not much change to be found on Impending Doom’s fourth release, but in this case that is not a bad thing. The high focus on the aggression and intensity make ‘Baptized In Filth’ an album that definitely stands out.

Rating: 85/100

Written by Patrick

Track list:
For The Wicked
Chaos: Reborn
Falling Away
Absolute Horror
Angry Letter To God
Baptized In Filth
My Light Unseen (featuring Ryan Clark of Demon Hunter)
Death, Ascension, Resurrection

Band Members:
Brooke Reeves – Vocals
Cory Johnson – Guitar
David Sittig – Bass
Brandon trahan – Drums

Record Label: eOne Music, March 2012

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