Metal legends ‘Saint’ (w/ Original Vocalist Josh Kramer): Video Footage of Entire “SoCal Metal Fest” 2017 Show Available


Metal legends Saint performed with original vocalist Josh Kramer at ‘So Cal Metal Fest 2  A memorial benefit for Dale Huffman’ in Orange California on August 12. The entire show can be seen in the video below.

Other performing bands were: Die Happy with a Vengeance, Worldview, BioGenesis, The Hero, Recon, Hand of Fire, Crimson Bridge Ministry, In the Midst 777, 3 Days in the Grave, Tribution and Consuming Fire.

This years is also being used as a fundraiser for the family of Dale Huffman of Metal Pulse Radio as he recently passed away after a long battle with cancer this past February. Profits from this event will be donated to the Huffman Family.

Saint is one of the pioneers in Christian metal, formed in the early 80’s and, over the past three decades, they released 2 EP’s, 11 studio albums, charted on Billboard and been featured in Metal Edge, Circus, HM and many other magazines. They sounded like a mixture of Judas Priest and Iron Maiden and were one of the early bands to put Christian based lyrics in heavy metal. Their latest & tenth album “Broad Is The Gate” was released in November 2014.

Our review of “Broad Is The Gate” can be found here.

And check out this Interview we did with co-founder & bass-player Richard Lynch

In an updated posted yesterday Saint said: “Getting back to work on the new project…”

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