‘Megadeth’s’ ‘David Ellefson’ Performs ‘Five Magics’ at Melbourne Stop of “My Life With Deth” Spoken-Word Tour


david ellefsonVideo footage of Megadeth bassist David Ellefson playing the band’s song ‘Five Magics’ at the March 27 stop of his “My Life With Deth” spoken-word tour in Melbourne, Australia can be seen below.

Speaking about why he chose Australia as the first country in which to do a spoken-word tour, Ellefson told Spotlight Report: ‘The idea of doing a spoken-word tour came from an Australian concert promoter, and I loved it. We started to talk about it last year. Ironically, it was right around the time we were scheduled to be here with Soundwave.’

He continued: ‘I’ve never done spoken word before.

‘I like taking chances and doing new things to broaden my horizon.’

‘I enjoy working with new people, especially with forward-thinking people with out-of-the-box ideas, so this is really great.’

‘I love the idea of getting into a new medium, like in this case spoken word, since there is so much you can do with that. And I really wanted to come back down to Australia. I love being in Australia, because it feels like being on vacation. Australian people have a unique spirit about them, and metal fans in particular.’

Asked what fans can expect from the “My Life With Deth” tour, Ellefson said: ‘There’s a few things in the repertoire that I’m already preparing, as far as stories and the flow of it all go.’

‘The repertoire should be loose enough for each evening to become unique.’

‘I know the cities in Australia are all unique with their own flair, so I hope that each performance in each different city becomes a unique night.’

‘When you prepare a show with a band, you prepare your repertoire, the setlist, the sound and lights, but because it is just me this time, it becomes much looser.’

‘I like the idea of being able to talk pretty openly about my personal life, [my book] “My Life With Deth”, and everything else that goes on around it, and it also gives the audience the chance to do a [question-and-answer session].

‘When I do bass clinics, the Q&A is usually one of my favorite parts, since we get to talk personal and we can open up for discussion — and I love doing that stuff.’

My Life With Deth: Spoken Word Tour

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