From The Heart – “Leave It All Behind”


leave it all behindFTH is a hardcoreband from Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Founded in 2012 and now signed to WTF records. They describe themself as fast metallic hardcore and are influenced by Eurocore and New York hardcore.  In November 2012 they released a 4-song demo which can be downloaded for free on bandcamp.

Now they released their debut album ”Leave It All Behind” an album full of 14 high energy songs, let’s take a closer look at it.

Right from the start we are dealing with high energy hardcore with a dash of punk. A high pitched screamy voice as we hear a lot in classic hardcore/punk, uptempo riffs and a nice rhythm. Tight drumwork by Aart. The songs never exceed 2:35 minutes, but with this high energy that is also not necessary, I even dare to say that is a good thing because, in my opinion, in this kind of hardcore the songs tend to get boring if they are too long. But as I said, this is not the case on this album. The lyrics deal with the hard side and struggles of life as a lot of hardcore bands tend to do, but also with a positive message which I find very refreshing. Hardcore is honest music, and then I mean that you can hear if it is good or not right away because of the composition of the band. Just a guitarist, bassist, drums and vocals and that’s it.

Highlights for me are the songs ‘Who Told You Life Is easy’ I can picture myself in the pit screaming along the chorus. And then directly followed on the record we have ‘Dead Man’s Trigger’ a song full of tempo changes and riffs that get you out of your chair. The breakdown on the song ‘Hate’ kicks you right where it hurts. ‘Friends’ is also a song with an old fashioned hardcore sound what I listened to when I was a teenager, years ago…. I love it! Sweet memories. And the beginning of the song ‘1999’ is just epic. The album rages forth with a never ending energy, never a dull moment. I am looking for some negative points because we have to be honest as a reviewer, but I can’t find anything. So sue me… The only thing I can think of again is that the concept is not new, but who cares?

All in all an album that I can wholeheartedly recommend if you are into hardcore. In one sentence: “Music from the heart by From The Heart….”

Rating: 8/10

Written by: René Woning

01 From the Heart (1:59)
02 Rest in Peace (2:09)
03 Who Told you Life is Easy (1:44)
04 Dead Man’s Trigger (2:15)
05 World of Lies (1:55)
06 Predator (0:37)
07 Hate (2:15)
08 Crush (1:59)
09 Friends (2:27)
10 The Best of Me (2:34)
11 The Hard Way (1:43)
12 1999 (1:53)
13 Stay Gold (2:19)
14 I Won’t Change (1:59)

Band members:
Dennie van der Velden – Vocals
Jack van de Werken – Guitar
Aart van der Jagt – Drums
Tymen van der Wijk – Bass

“Demo” (2012)
“Leave It All Behind” (2015)

Record label: WTF Records, Feb. 2015

Weblinks: Facebook / Bandcamp

Video below ‘World of Lies’

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