Last band ‘Brainstorm Festival’ Line Up Announced [+Time Schedule]


The line-up for Brainstorm Festival 2011 is finished! Last band signed is Akelei, a rising star from the Dutch doomscene. We love our traditions, so also this year we have some doom at Brainstorm Festival.

Eliran Kantor, Kristian ‘Necrolord’ Wåhlin, Felipe Machado Franco: the number of artists that had an exposition during Brainstorm Festival is impressive. This year we offer another special name: Premnath Gonesh (Slechtvalk). Besides composing music he knows a lot about painting. His work is full of atmosphere and a must see for all visitors!
Our website is updated now with the time-schedule. We also have some good news for people travelling with train or buss. For the first time we work with an afterparty, so you will be able to see the headlining shows. So if you have not yet ordered tickets, make sure you book them now!

Last thing to mention: Sinbreed, the side-project of drummer Frederik Ehmke (Blind Guardian) and vocalist Herbie Langhans (Seventh Avenue), will bring guitarist Marcus Siepen (Blind Guardian) to Brainstorm. Power-metal fans don’t want to miss this one!

Friday (doors open 18.00):
18.00       Doors open
18.30       Portall
19.20       Sinbreed
20.25       Drottnar
21.30       The Wounded
22.40       Stream Of Passion
24.00       Afterparty: Burial Earth
00.45       Doors close

Saturday (doors open 14.00)
14.00       Doors open
14.15       Akelei
15.05       Beyond The Dust
15.55       Deadend In Venice
16.45       In The Midst Of Lions
18.30       Darkwater
19.40       Immortal Souls
21.05       Becoming The Archetype
22.30       War Of Ages
23.50       Afterparty: Cirrha Niva
00.45       Doors close

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