‘Broken Flesh’ On ‘Sign Me To: Roadrunner Records’


Great news everyone! I [Ricky Puckett] just discovered that my band, Broken Flesh, has been given top billing today on the front page of Roadrunner Records “SignMeTo” page. Now that we’re getting some attention (even if it IS only for one day, or however long they keep us on the front page), please help us out! Go HERE and create a user account as a “scout” for free. Then rate us, “love” our tracks, and review us! DO IT!!

Broken Flesh was formed in late October of 2004. The current line-up consists of vocalist Ricky Puckett (Ex-Obliteration, Death List), Kevin Tubby (Ex-Evisceration,Obliteration, Death List) on guitar/backing vocals, Jacob Mathes on bass/backing vocals, and Brandon Lopez (Ex-Becoming The Archetype) on drums.

Over the last seven years, Broken Flesh has become a force in the Oklahoma extreme music scene, opening numerous shows for bands such as Suffocation, Into Eternity, Goatwhore, The Black Dahlia Murder, All Shall Perish, Living Sacrifice, Becoming The Archetype, The Famine, Impending Doom, Grave Robber, Malevolent Creation, As They Sleep, To Speak Of Wolves, A Hill To Die Upon, Your Chance To Die, and many more.

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