‘Rey Parra’ [Formerly Of ‘Sacred Warrior’] Set To Front ‘Recon’


Rey Parra [formerly of Sacred Warrior] is set to front Christian power metal band, Recon.  This was announced early June 15th on the official facebook of George Rene Ochoa [Guitarist for Recon].  The announcement simply stated the following: “Working on tracks for the long awaited new Recon CD “The Chosen Few”. Rey Parra from Sacred Warrior is set to front the lead vocals. Exciting stuff!

This will come as a huge surprise to many fans of both Recon and Sacred Warrior especially in-light of Rey’s recent resignation from Sacred Warrior [SW]. Rey’s departure from SW was a shock to many SW fans, considering that SW was in the middle of recording their first studio album in several years. According to Rey and members of SW, one of the main reasons behind Rey leaving was due to scheduling issues with getting Rey’s vocal tracks recorded. That left many confused considering the fact that modern technology can allow for recording in different locations. As a result, many fans begun speculating reasons for Rey leaving SW, even as far as rumors of health related issues. This announcement of Rey recording the vocals for the new Recon album will no doubt only add more confusion and questions to Rey’s departure from Sacred Warrior. There have been no official announcements from Rey as of the time and date of this article submission. We will update this article as more news becomes available.

To read the announcement, visit: George Rene Ochoa Facebook

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