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Hypersonic, the powerhouse symphonic metal band founded in 2006 by Salvo Grasso and Emanuele Gangemi, has achieved their dream of creating unique, powerful, and epic music. Today, they proudly present their latest album, “Kaosmogonia” a musical journey that transcends genres and immerses listeners in a symphonic and extreme metal experience.

“Kaosmogonia” is the culmination of Hypersonic’s musical evolution, showcasing a distinctive sound that is powerful, symphonic, epic, extreme, and dramatic. The album is a testament to the band’s dedication to pushing creative boundaries and introducing new elements to their signature sound introducing their new singer Eleonora Russo whose exceptional songwriting qualities bring a fresh and dynamic dimension to the band’s music.

“Kaosmogonia” incorporates a powerful symphonic orchestra and explores new influences, including elements of death metal, creating a rich and diverse sonic landscape.

The first single off the album, “Mother Earth” serves as a powerful manifesto of the human experience. It reflects on the cyclical nature of history and the undeniable force of nature’s revenge. The song blends symphonic metal with a melancholic chorus, leaving an indelible impression on listeners.

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Hypersonic‘s musical evolution has been shaped by intensive listening, arrangement studies, and a commitment to self-awareness. Their symphonic metal draws influences from various aspects of their lives, resulting in a sound that is rich, dynamic, and wholly their own.

“Kaosmogonia” is a total musical experience deeply connected to Greek philosophy. The title, a fusion of “Kaos” and “Cosmos,” represents the dual nature of humanity—chaotic and ordered. The album explores the interplay between chaos and cosmos, mirroring the Greek understanding of the world.

The album goes beyond the musical realm, delving into the complexities of human emotions, reflections on life, and the impact of historical events. It aims to express the spectrum of human experiences, from restlessness and melancholy to hope and the positive aspects of life.

The lyrics of “Kaosmogonia” were born during a period of historical darkness, reflecting the emotions and challenges faced by humanity. The lockdown served as a catalyst for introspection, inspiring the band to confront human weaknesses such as depression, fears, and unhealthy relationships, while also expressing hope for a better future.

“Kaosmogonia” is not just an album; it’s a musical odyssey that invites metal enthusiasts to explore diverse sonic landscapes, cinematic arrangements, and profound storytelling. The album features by Mark Jansen (Epica), Francesco Paoli & Francesco Ferrini (Fleshgod Apocalypse), Emma Zoldan & Nils Courbaron (Sirenia), the male choir from Teatro Massimo Bellini (Catania-Italy) and more. The artwork was created by the great graphic designer Heilemania (Epica, Kamelot, Lindemann, Turilli/Lione Rhapsody). 

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