‘The Old Timers’ New Album Announced “Be Reconciled”


the oldtimers 2014The Old-timers announce the release of their fourth album, a 6 song EP entitled “Be Reconciled” through Thumper Punk Records and Veritas Vinyl. “Be Reconciled” was born out of life’s very real struggles. The album documents our story – from sinner to repentance to reconciliation through Jesus. While remaining true to their classic thrash and punk roots, “Be Reconciled” also features keyboards, a capella harmonies, and spoken word poetry, to enhance the journey.  Bob Magana of The Hippos of Doom did drums on this release.

The album will be released on July 1st. via Thumper Punk Records & Veritas Vinyl. Artwork and tracklist can be seen below. Preorder your CD HERE.

On April 30th. they have released a benefit single which is titled ‘For The Love of Hippos’ ...’its a benefit single for a family who are really in need right now. If you have the time and $1 to spare would you please consider downloading it. Also available through iTunes. Thanks folks, it’d mean the world if we could send some help to our friends. The Old-Timers make nothing from this, they just want to offer some financial support to a family in need.’

‘For The Love of Hippos’ is available here.

The Old-timers are a punk outfit from South Africa, formed by good friends Dave & DonDave is originally from England and moved to South Africa with his wife and kids in late 2009 as full time missionaries, working with the needy and underprivileged in prisons, on the streets, in schools and wherever else God leads them.

Don is a native of South Africa and is also married with two kids, and works as a youth pastor for his church as well as running his own pie company.  Both have been involved in punk since an early age, playing in bands, promoting and running ‘zines in their respective home towns. Most notably Dave played in Dragged Out with former members of The Exploited & Voice Of The Mysterons, and Don has played with a variety of musicians and was involved in multiple organizations and ‘zines who helped promote the anarcho-punk scene in Port Elizabeth in the early 90′s.

The Old-timers’ recording process is pretty unusual as Dave & Don live twelve hours apart.  Further complicating matters is that drumming is handled by Matt Lagusis from False Idle at the Simpul Studios in Boise, Idaho, in the United States.  Leveraging modern technology, the Dave & Don put vocals and music together, then forward it over for Matt to add the drum track, then back to South Africa for mixing and mastering.

The purpose of The Old-timers remains what it has always been – to glorify God in every song, to reach a desperate world with the good news of God’s grace & love and to have a ton of fun while we’re doing it! Musical influences include GBH, Hit The Deck, Minor Threat, Officer Negative, Crass, Headnoise, Conflict, God So Loved The World and many other old school punk and early hardcore bands.

“Spiritus Sanctus” EP is the band’s latest & third release, which is released Dec. 17th. 2013 jointly by Thumper Punk Records and Veritas Vinyl,

To read our review for “Spiritus Sanctus” click here.

An interview with The Old-Timers can be found here.


1) Hole in My Heart
2) Blessings Out of Buffetings
3) Hope for the Rejected
4) Father God I Wonder
5) The Joy of Reconciliation
6) Ambassadors

Be Reconciled (2014)

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