Hazeroth – “Arsenal”


hazearsFirst official release from Hazeroth, “Arsenal” bring to us 12 tracks from a furious black metal oriund from the two demos released in the past , “Supremo Poder Da Guerra” (2008) and “Impérios Desolados” (2004).

The songs don’t have a great production (well, this is the underground black metal way of life, hehehe). To a listener that don’t follow closely the black metal circle certainely don’t like this material, but the true fans from the black arts have to honored this cd.

With influences from names like Horde, Elgibbor, Fire Throne, Drottnar (this cd includes a cover of the track “Frykt Ikke”) and others, Hazeroth show in tracks like “Chama da Batalha em Hazeroth”, “Holocaustinificina, “A Honra” ad the classic “Predições do Célebre Castigo” songs edificated in all the pillars of christian black metal. Buzzsaw guitars, bombering drums, chaotic vocals and powerful lyrics. All this things exist in “Arsenal”.

Unfortunately, the tracks from the english demo “Supreme Power Of War” are not included, but, this fact don’t destroy the legacy from Hazeroth that was imput in “Arsenal”, thats no are only a compilation cd, but a real (and great) arsenal of war.

Rating: 7 / 10

1 – Constante Misericórdia
2 – Charis
3 – Supremo Poder Da Guerra
4 – Chama Da Batalha Em Hazeroth
5 – Predições Do Célebre Castigo
6 – Holocaustinificina
7 – Mutilação e Aniquilação
8 – O Novo Reino
9 – Frykt Ikke [Drottnar Cover]
10 – Cordeiro Imolado
11- Para Total Desolação
12 – A Honra

Band members:
Hör Bamoth Abarim – lead vocals/drums
Thronus – vocal/guitar/bass
Adoniah – guitar

Record Label: Eirene Records 2013
(Original Release – Unblack Metal Scene 2011)

Buy the album here:
First Paradox
Norway: Nordic Mission
USA: Metal Helm

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