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There are some artists that are known for their prodigious output, and Tommy ReinXeed (from Boden in Sweden) is one of them. Not only did he start ReinXeed in 2002, but also formed Golden Resurrection with Christian Liljegren in 2008. As if that wasn’t enough, he appeared on ‘Swedish Hitz Goes Metal’ where they did heavy metal cover versions of songs by ABBA, Roxette and Ace Of Base.

ReinXeed have just released their 5th studio album ‘Welcome To The Theater’. Their style of melodic power metal should appeal to fans of Helloween, Rhapsody Of Fire, Avantasia, Sabaton and Edguy.

It is worth mentioning that Sabaton wanted Tommy’s services as their new lead guitarist. He was flattered, but turned down the offer to focus on his own career with ReinXeed and as metal album producer.

The orchestral intro sounds like Star Wars joining forces with Indiana Jones. Whilst the keyboard leads us into the up-tempo romp ‘Life Will Find A Way’, it allows space for shredding guitar and soaring vocals that could shatter glass at ten paces.
There are female guest vocals in ‘Save Us’ and Ronny Hemlin (Steel Attack and Tad Morose) features on ‘Freedom’. Another outstanding track is the mean and menacing ‘Stranger Tides’ with its Pirates of The Caribbean atmospherics.

This album has a very similar sound to their previous releases, but it does contain interesting elements. You need to approach it as if it were the theme music for a power metal film.

Rating: 7/10

Reviewed by Peter John Willoughby

1. Welcome (Intro)
2. Life Will Find a Way
3. Follow Me
4. Save Us
5. Stranger Tides
6. Somewhere in Time
7. Freedom
8. No Fate
9. Temple of the Crystal Skulls
10. Welcome to the Theater

The Light (2008)
Higher (2009)
Majestic (2010)
1912 (2011)
Swedish Hitz Goes Metal (2011)
Welcome To The Theater (2012)

Band members:
Tommy ReinXeed – Vocals, guitars, keyboards & orchestration
Calle Sundberg – Lead guitars & backing vocals
Nic Steel – Bass & backing vocals
Alfred Fridhagen – Drums

Weblinks: Facebook Myspace

Record Label: Doolittle Group / Liljegren Records, May 2012

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