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YokebreakerUnseen Faith is a death metal/metalcore band from Aarhus, Denmark. This already is a very rare fact, because the amount of Christian metalbands from Denmark can be counted on one hand.

The upcoming release is to be released by the independent music company Prime Collective. A & R and owner of Prime, Mirza Radonjica says:

“There is something terribly alluring by Unseen Faith’s universe. Their brutallity has been a necessary respite from all the streamlined heavy metal that is out there today. Music can do so much more than just appeal to the lowest common denominator. Therefore, I am proud to work with artists like these guys. It’s different for Denmark, and God knows we need something different.”

The band also recieved attention in the United States and they are passionate about their message.

Lead guitarist Asbjørn Brokhøj says:

“It feels good to be finished with what we believe is the best creative output of our five year musical journey. After several changes and adversity Yokebreaker is finally ready. We look forward to releasing our music into the world especially hailing from a country where the scene for our type of music is non existent. But the results speaks for itself and we are ready to show our potential to the world.”

The album is self-produced and released throughout Europe via Prime Collective and Border Music on the 27th of November 2015. This release will be followed by a tour in Denmark and Europe in 2016. For the Dutch readers; They will play at Rock Alive in Veenendaal, September 24, 2016.

‘Yokebreaker’ is a mini-album containing six brutal deathcore songs.

It all begins with the song ‘The Revenant’. The song starts with a menacing sample and then the guitar comes in slowly and then with bassguitar and drums building up to the actual song. It contains all the classic deathcore elements, which goes for all the tracks, open chord chugging with blastbeats and breakdowns. Deep growls interchanged with high pitched screaming. And it ends so peaceful with piano.

‘Enemy’ is a more uptempo song more in the tradition of death metal but then again also with core-influences and a drumkit that is almost smashed to pieces. Double bass to the max!

Then follows ‘Route 3’ where we hear a subtle menacing sample from time to time but also guitarwork which let us hear the virtuosity of the musicians. Beautiful melodies on top of the heaviness to make the picture complete.

Now the song which they also shot a video for: ‘The Mask’. This song sums it all up what I said before but I also hear some djent influences in this song, very complex structures. As a matter of fact, I hear that in more songs on the album. The vocals remind me of Corey Weaver of Bloodline Severed.

‘Father’ is a song where we hear some aggressive screaming and also the same amount of aggessiveness in the guitars, it sometimes gets a bit monotone in this song. But hey, that is my only point of critisism, so don’t worry about it.

It all ends with a bang. ‘Roars’ has the most heavy breakdown that I have heard in a long while. To me this song is truly one of the highlights. Complex, heavy and uptempo parts interspersed with breakdowns and slower parts. Deathcore with a capitol D!

I haven’t mentioned that Unseen Faith reminds me also of a band that is no longer among us and I miss those guys, so this album is really comforting. I am talking about In The Midst Of Lions. So if you also miss them, these guys from Denmark can maybe replace them for you. I feel that there was a gap in the Christian metalscene that Unseen Faith has filled now. Well done for a debut album!

As the band states themselves:

“Unseen Faith is a brutal match for all the other Christian metal bands out there. Breakneck slams go hand in hand with glow sparkling guitar riffs in a frenetic pace that makes the ground under you shake. Unseen Faith are not waisting too much time with atmosphere. It is original, direct and brutal – with an honest message.”

I couldn’t have said it better…..

Rating: 8/10

Written by: René Woning

1. The Revenant
2. Enemy
3. Route 3
4. The Mask
5. Father
6. Roars

Band members:
Alexander Eriksen – Vocals
Jakob Langvad – Guitar
Asbjørn Brokhøj – Guitar
Klaus Schmidt – Drums
Christian Jensen – Bass

“Yokebreaker” 2015

Record label: Prime Collective, November 2015

Weblinks: Facebook / Spotify / Instagram / iTunes

Buy the album here:
First Paradox
Norway: Nordic Mission

Video below: ‘The Mask’

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