Hazeroth – “Mene,Mene,Tequel,Ufarsin”


Mene,Mene,Tequel,UfarsinAfter some years only releasing demos and participating in compilations, one of the greatest names of the christian old school black metal scene in Brazil released their first full lenght called “Mene, Mene, Tequel, Ufarsin”.

With Hör Bamoth Abarim (lead vocals/drums), Thronus (vocals/guitar/bass) and Adoniah (guitar) in their line-up, Hazeroth bring to existence a strong, intense and impactant album.

This cd contains 10 tracks:. 1 introduction, 3 recorded tracks from early demos, 4 brand new tracks, a spanish version to “Supremo Poder Da Guerra” and a english version to “Holocaustinificina”.

You can hear clearly drums, bass, guitars and vocals (that share evangelistic lyrics with a particular proliferation), but the production aren’t 100 %. But is all ok, this is old school black metal, not pop music.

Keyboard sound appears in some moments, but nothing in quantity to say that Hazeroth is a symphonic band. Fans that like atmospheric moments without prejudice will apreciate so much this cd.

The higlights from the album resides in “Predições do Célebre Castigo”, “Holocaustinificina” ( and portuguese and english) and the marvelous title track, that certanelly will be a classic in the scene.

Nowadays: The band has been reinforced with a female vocalist, and with this fact, I can’t wait for a new album, but for now, the best thing to do is, put “Mene, Mene, Tequel, Ufarsin” in your cd-player and headbang till you break your neck!

Rating: 7 / 10

1 – Prelúdio Das Forças Extremas
2 – Propiciatório
3 – Mene, Mene, Tequel, Ufarsin
4 – Predições Do Célebre Castigo
5 – Ao Som De Trombetas
6 – Holocaustinificina
7 – Marcha Dos Que Clamam A Salvação Por Toda A Terra
8 – Supremo Poder Da Guerra

Bonus tracks:
9 – Supremo Poder Da Guerra – Spanish Version
10 – Holocaustinicifina – English Version

Band members:
Hör Bamoth Abarim – lead vocals/drums
Thronus – vocals/guitar/bass
Adoniah – guitar

Record Label: Eirene Records 2013

Buy the album here:
First Paradox
Norway: Nordic Mission
USA: Metal Helm

Weblinks: Facebook / Myspace

Video below for ‘Holocaustinificina’ (English Version)


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