The GX Project – “Raze Some Hell”


RazeSomeHell_2015If one talks Christian metal, one of the names that would come up in conversation would have to be Rex Scott of X-Sinner. The amount that he has positively contributed to the scene is immeasurable. For me the GX Project embodies a lot of what X-Sinner has done in its lifetime with AC/DC anthemic qualities. It builds nicely from there and sets a great platform for what quality rock is about. For me the primary ingredient for rock should be that it’s fun, and should get your feet tapping, and your head nodding. So when your feet are a stomping and your head is a head banging then you know that you have come across something good. The two albums prior to this Bite Stick and Sinner are good indicators of what one can expect on Raze Some Hell. Though the gears are shifting and the groove and momentum is being optimized to give an album that is a coming of age release. Other words far more balanced expounding on their musical avenues and influences and giving it two legs of its own to stand upon.

I would think primarily X-Sinner fans would be all over this from the get go. It makes full sense that this is an album that would appeal to Rex Scott fans, and it’s rightly that to the large extent. There is freshness to the sound as it stands on the shoulders of X-Sinner releases. It’s not merely an addition to the X-Sinner brand, but an album that gives the GX Project space to be its own. It is street wise rock n roll that is delivered with an energetic pulse

The albums guns blasts fully loaded from the start with the rock n roller, “Raze Some Hell”. It’s heavy laden with riffs and a solid spine of drumming and bass lines. In some way it reminds me of some of the great AC/DC rock n roll songs that got one off your butt and rocking out. Some great solo guitaring rounds off the song nicely. The album in its totality is filled with great songs to head out of the door with, and provided you have the right car and a loud stereo system to match it, it’s a great soundtrack to be driving to.

“Gonna Burn” again in the AC/DC vein with that early 80’s rock vibe swings with energy and great riffs pounding the floor with solid intention. Essentially if you a fan of singing along with your favourite band; these songs on this album are just for you. Want a party, put this on.

“Hard Workin’ Woman” has a nice running bass line that comes in the beginning of the song. Overall it is a great song, but not the best on the album. By “Hungry Heart” you get to notice a running riff theme that this band is going for. For me this means somewhere between AC/DC and Status quo. It is feel good rock n roll. This is a band I suppose best experienced in the low end of town in a smoke filled club with a bunch of bikers. “Don’t Let Go” slows the pace a little, but does not discard the energy, and level of riff laden chords that pulsate as the driving gears of this band. Ultimately the songs are to be sung with and enjoyed with more than just you. This is rock n roll, and rock n roll at its best, is best enjoyed with others for maximum appreciation.

After slowing the motors down a bit with; “Don’t Let Go’ they rev things up again with “Give Em Hell”. They continue the driving rock n roll motors on, “What I Need” and “Just Got Screwed”.

“She’s Got Ball’s” continues with the AC/DC hard rocking thumping rock n roll. “Can’t Stop Rock n Roll” starts with a riff out of the books of Status quo, and a great track to finish this rock n roll romper stomper of an album.

This is by no means a Christian band per say, and some of the lyrical avenues certainly should be evidence to that, as for some it might be allotted as boundary pushing. To be politically correct the band does state itself as being a mainstream rock project. In essence they are appealing to a wider audience and stretching the envelope in terms of delivering great rock n roll that can be enjoyed by a larger listenership, rather than if they were clamped down by the Christian labelling, which in effect would hinder what this project is about. Is certainly a dangerous path to journey upon, but as a whole I think they are succeeding at what they set out to achieve without compromising in essence who they are as believers.

Their achievement is a great rock n roll album that certainly gets the head banging, and the foot tapping. Look at the end of the day it is a hook laden album from two great musicians in the vein of bands like AC/DC and Status quo. So if you into that, and feel like rocking out without being preached too, then the GX Project could be the right medicine the doctor has ordered for you. As a whole, from Art to music, Raze Some Hell is a well packaged rock n roll party box ready to explode onto your hi fi system and set your ears a blaze, well raising some hell in the process.

Rating: 8/10

Written by Donovan de Necker

Track Listing:
01. Raze Some Hell (5:41)
02. Gonna Burn (3:45)
03. Hard Workin’ Woman” (3:54)
04. Hungry Heart (3:31)
05. Don’t Let Go (3:47)
06. Give ‘Em Hell (4:18)
07. What I Need (4:18)
08. Just Got Screwed (4:11)
09. She’s Got Balls (4:46)
10. Can’t Stop Rock N Roll (4:16)
11, Unknown Track (1:39)

Rex Scott – Lead Vocals, Guitars and Various Shaker Percussion
Glenn Thomas – Guitars, Bass & Acoustic Drums
Ward Pike – Backing Vocals

“Bite Stick” (2012)
“Sinner” (2014) [review]
“Raze Some Hell” (2016)

Record Label: Independent, Aug. 2015

Weblinks: Facebook / Website

Buy the album here:
First Paradox
Norway: Nordic Mission

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