Love And Death – Chemicals (EP)


We all know Brian Head Welch as the founder and guitarist of Korn. After he left that band he started a solo career – and not without merit – and he released the album ‘Save Me From Myself’. After his break with the record company in 2011, the band Love And Death marks a new beginning for Welch. In fact: it is nothing else than renaming the touring band Welch put together to tour in support of his solo album. Let us see what he brings us with ‘Chemicals’.

The EP holds five tracks. Or maybe I should say three? The last two tracks are remixes of two tracks, which are also on the album: ‘Paralyzed’ and ‘Chemicals’. The remixes contain a thick layer of electronics and frankly I find they add little to anything to the originals. I would not have missed them had they not been on the EP.

We already know the first track ‘Paralyzed’, as it was released as a single early October 2011. The track sounds close the work of Korn and is, partly due to the melodic chorus, catchy. ‘Whip It’ is a cover of the new wave band Devo, which made his name mainly in the late seventies/early eighties. Welch managed to translate the electronic, robotic music beautifully into a track with its own metal distinction. ‘Chemicals’, which will be released as a single, is in my opinion the most attractive song on the EP. The down tuned guitars and distortion are plentiful, the vocals are diverse and it all it makes the song fascinating.

This ‘Chemicals’ is a nice teaser for the album that is later this year to come. The appetite by most of their fans will be appeased for a while. Or does it just make you hungry for more?

Rating: 72/100

Written by Patrick

Track list:
1. Paralyzed
2. Whip It
3. Chemicals
4. Paralyzed (Har Meggido Remix)
5. Chemicals (Har Meggido Remix)

Band members:
Brian “Head” Welch – lead vocals, guitar
Michael Valentine – bass, backing vocals
Dan Johnson – drums
JR Bareis – lead guitar, backing vocals

Record Label: Headdog Music, April 2012

Weblinks: Website / Facebook / Twitter

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