‘Grave Forsaken’ Release New Album “The Fight Goes On”


grave_forsaken_2015_f12Soundmass is pleased to announce the release of the band’s 6th studio album, “The Fight Goes On”.

Formed in 2004, the relentless Grave Forsaken has pounded out another fine recording of thrash and heavy metal. Injecting the talent and fire of a couple of new musicians, the band have produced something fresh and exciting, while still showcasing the energy and power captured on previous albums like “Reap What You Sow” and “Fight To The Death”. Equal parts traditional metal and ripping thrash, with trademark solos and gang vocals added to the mix, this is the Grave Forsaken sound that their fans love.
Always moving forward, always shredding, from the band that never stops… “The Fight Goes On”

The band is comprised of: Vaughan Gregory – Vocals, Luke Gallagher – Lead Guitar, Elias Salmela – Guitar, Matt Skipworth – Bass Guitar, Joshua Gallagher – Drums.

The Fight Goes On (2015)

1. The Fight Goes On 06:14
2. There Is No Peace 03:35
3. Politics of Popularity 04:03
4. Four Creatures 03:39
5. Duluth Airbase Intruder 04:41
6. Strike the Oppressor 04:20
7. God Is with Us 03:55
8. Glimpse of Armageddon 03:42

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Video below: ‘There Is No Peace’

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