Hardcore Band ‘Problem Of Pain’ Debut Album “Burn What My Hands Wrought” Available Now


Problem_Of_Pain_03aProblem Of Pain “Burn What My Hands Wrought” is available today, worldwide! Go stream, download or pickup a copy at a local record store.

Michigan hardcore band Problem Of Pain packs more of a punch than most bands in heavy music—and they do so with only two members. Composed of Garrett Finch and Jake Beaver, the two have been making music and playing shows for just over a year now. But don’t let their youth—or size—fool you: Problem Of Pain is here for a purpose. “We want to break down formats and thought processes to challenge others to think critically, and even counter culturally,” shares Finch, who plays guitar and serves as co-vocalist. “[Our goal is] to use art as an expression and outlet of the inner dissension that I process daily. Embodying these thoughts through the sounds that we create with our ‘experimental’ sound; and the lyrics we write gives way to be honest with not only others, but also ourselves.”

Bandcamp: bldnk.co/29XVOPD
B&I Webstore: bldnk.co/1METIRE
iTunes: bldnk.co/2a9rzk0
Spotify: bldnk.co/2a9rvRe


Track Listing:
01. Retribution
02. Left to Decay – I
03. Dust to Dust (I Remain) – II
04. Forge (Feed the Flame) 03:46
05. Burn (What My Hands Wrought) 01:15
06. Regret // Empty
07. Apathetic
08. Solace
09. Pray for Release
10. I Cursed the Sun for the Darkness
11. Breathe Easy // Barely Breathing

Upcoming Shows:
08/06/16  Flint, MI @ Mac’s Bar

Weblinks: Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

Video below: ‘Burn’

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