‘Germán Pascual’ To Release Solo Debut on ‘Nightmare Records’ October 9th


Vocalist Germán Pascual [Divinefire / Narnia / Mind’s Eye] is set to release his debut solo album A New Beginning in North America and Europe via Nightmare / Sony / RED. Today the artwork and tracklisting have been revealed. A teaser video for A New Beginning can be viewed below.

Recently we had the opportunity to do an interview with Germán. If you missed it, you can find the interview HERE

Germán is blessed to have special guest musicians joining him on the album including Carl-Johan “CJ” Grimmark [Narnia / Fires Of Babylon / Rob Rock] and bassists Per Schelander [Pain of Salvation / Royal Hunt] and Raphael Dafras [Almah / Seven Horizons].

Germán Pascual is a man with a very special voice, who has achieved much notoriety around the world, lauded greatly and likened with the greatest melodic metal voices of our day, like Ronnie James Dio, Jorn Lande and David Coverdale to mention a few.
Germán was the last voice of Narnia, a well known Swedish melodic heavy metal band, similar to Stryper and Rob Rock, Germán‘s new music is hard heavy and melodic power metal without compromise. Germán was named as “the best metal voice 2009” by The Gates of Metal.

Germán Pascual was born 1974 in Uruguay, raised in Brazil, and moved to Sweden with his family at an early age. At five years old, Germán sang to the radio with everything popular music to opera even classical music. In 1994 Germán began an education in voice and music. Longing for Sweden again, he returned to look for work and a way back into music, doing a short stint with a Rap artist D.J. Mendez, but his friends helped him realize he was meant for metal.

Starting music as a drummer in a thrash band at 15, he was invited to try out for a much better band rehearsing next door as a vocalist when they overheard him screaming next door. It was to be his destiny; the band next door was Minds Eye. In 2008 Narnia needed a singer, and through a good friend Germán made contact with Narnia guitarist C.J Grimmark. The rest of course is history, as Narnia went on to release Course of a Generation in late 2009. Feeling blessed to have found this great situation in Narnia, Germán was stunned when the band decided to end all activity.

In addition to music, Germán works with the less fortunate, the homeless and those suffering from drug addiction.

Germán‘s debut solo release A New Beginning was recorded in his own “Camel Wash Studios”. It was engineered and produced by Germán Pascual & Raphael Dafras, with the Mixing and mastering handled by Thomas Plec Johansson in “The Panic Room”. [Sweden]

A New Beginning is available for pre-order on Amazon and The Nightmare Records Website.

1. Seek the Truth
2. The Wrath of GOD
3. If the Sky Would Fall
4. Misty Dreams
5. Open Your Eyes
6. I Call For the One
7. Unbroken Wings
8. Come Ease the Pain
9. Fate of the Blind
10. Cancion Con Todos

Mind’s Eye – The Afterglow [1994]
Mind’s Eye – The Afterglow [2008] [ remastered]
Narnia – Course of a Generation [2009]
Soulspell – The Labyrinth of Truths [2010] [participation]
Golden Resurrection Glory to My King [2010] [backing choirs]
Divine Fire – Eye of the storm [2011]

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