‘Alter Bridge’ – ‘Slip To The Void’ ‘Live At Wembley’ DVD Preview Clip Available


Alter Bridge will release its new DVD, “Live At Wembley”, on March 27. The disc contains footage of one of the biggest headline shows of Alter Bridge‘s career, which took place on November 29, 2011 at Wembley Arena in London, England.

The 2D version (complete with a live CD) will be released everywhere late next month while the 3D version will come out in the summer of 2012. Longtime Alter Bridge director Daniel E Catullo III (“Live From Amsterdam”“One By One”“Isolation”, webisodes, etc.) was brought in to direct “Live At Wembley” by The Dude Films, a new production and distribution company with offices in Laguna Beach, California and Maui, Hawaii headed up by “One By One”executive producer Stuart Margolis and executive producer Chris LaBaberaLionel Pasamonte, who produced the band’s last DVD, “Live From Amsterdam”, is producing with Catullo.

Alter Bridge‘s setlist for the Wembley show was as follows:

01. Slip To The Void
02. Find The Real
03. Ghost Of Days Gone By
04. Before Tomorrow Comes
05. Come To Life
06. All Hope Is Gone
07. White Knuckles
08. Brand New Start
09. Metalingus
10. Broken Wings
11. I Know It Hurts
12. One Day Remains
13. Coeur D’Alene
14. Buried Alive
15. Blackbird
16. Wonderful Life (Acoustic Version)
17. Watch Over You (Acoustic Version)
18. Ties That Bind
19. Isolation


20. Open Your Eyes
21. Dueling Guitar Solos – Mark and Myles
22. Rise Today

A preview clip of “Slip To The Void” from “Live At Wembley” can now be seen below.

Alter Bridge drummer Scott Phillips told Stereoboard that it’s unlikely fans will hear from the band again until 2013, but that they shouldn’t take that as a bad sign. Phillips explained, “We’ll certainly be visible [in 2012], but it’ll be on various projects and then probably 2013 will be the reunion there of Alter Bridge and we’ll diligently get to work on a new record and tour as soon as we can.”

Alter Bridge spent much of 2011 on the road behind its last album, “AB III”, but 2012 will see singer Myles Kennedy return to work as the lead singer in Slash‘s band, while the other three members of the group will reunite with vocalist Scott Stapp for a new Creed tour and album.

Phillips said, “Each of us have our own thing. I think we’ve got a lot of different paths we’re heading on in 2012,” adding that in addition to working with Creed, guitarist Mark Tremonti is prepping his first solo album for release.

Last fall, Alter Bridge released a special edition of “AB III” featuring three previously unheard songs and an hour-long documentary on the group’s career.

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