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Freakstock 2012Freakstock is a Christian Alternative Festival organized by the German JesusFreaks and held in Borgentreich Germany. Freakstock started in 1995 and was held in Wiesbaden but since 2009 in some old barracks in Borgentreich. The festival presents many varieties of Christian music, workshops and seminars. But the festival has more activities to offer including paintball, a soccer competition, tattoo artist, different shops, art exhibition and more.

This was our third time attending the festival. With a line-up even more spectacular than the other years we attended. With bands like The Chariot, Benea Reach and To Leave A Trace. We arrived Wednesday early in the evening. After our tent was ready we did catch a bit from the opening service. We explored the whole festival and checked some of the DJ’s at the Raketenklub which was fun.

The next day we started with a sermon from a Bishop from the Coptic Church from Egypt. It was a great sermon although it was sometimes hard to follow because of my lack of knowledge of the German language but most of the things where translated. The bishop looked really happy and full of love and had a great message!

After some cancelations our friends from Kids With Guns ended up playing at mainstage. It was still early in the evening but people started dancing already. Which isn’t that of a big surprise because their songs are really great and danceable.

We caught Burning Nations at the new stage the Alte Schule. This young hardcore band did a great job and were really convincing.

John Coffey was next on mainstage. It was a really fun show with allot of new song from their album Bright Compannions. Their old vocalist even got on stage to do some song with them.

The Advent Of A Miracle was next in the Turbinenhalle. This band didn’t really convince me. I didn’t like their vocalist and the songs weren’t really interesting.

Next band in the Turbinenhalle were To Leave a Trace. They did convince me. The female fronted metalcore band from Ukraine did really put on a great show. Especially vocalist Oksana Bugayova was really great. Really a band who could grow allot bigger in the future.

When we were early in the quiet’n’riot we caught some songs from singer-songwriter Steve Savage. It was a fun performance with allot of humor.

But we went to the quiet ´n´ riot for Listener . It was already crowded but we did manage to get a nice spot at the front of the stage. Their performance was just great. They had a drummer this time and played allot of new songs. The new songs sounded allot heavier than older material.

After that we danced to some dubstep and drum&bass in the Raketenklub with DJ´s Tiikeri&Sozo and Broflow.

The next day started with a seminar from a woman who was from Egypt and who had an art shop. Through that shop she helped allot of poor people, especially women. It was also a kind of ministry work for her. She also talked about the revolution and how that changed her work.

First band we saw was Emily Still Reminds. They are a screamo band from Germany. They put a nice and fun show.

We went to the quiet’n’riot for Christin Nelson from the band Listener. His folky solo songs were really nice and he even did a Listener song with Dan Smith.The young harcore band from Norway Out Of Babylon did a great job in the Turbinnehalle were our photographer Tobias ten Dam went.

Another Dutch band, this time it was The Black Atlantic. Their calming music was a nice variation and the atmosphere at the mainstage was really great!

The anarchistic punk band Svarteskerm played a really great show in the Turbinnehalle. The whole place went nuts.

Speaking about tearing a place down next in the Turbinnehalle was The Chariot. The place was packed and when the first note was played the room exploded. It was a great show even though they played without a bassist. They also played some songs from their new album which sounded great!

After some food we again decided to watch some DJ’s. This time only drum&bass from DJ Beyond and Paradox Effects

Next day we started with a sermon from JF Giessen. Which was about were our home is. It was great although we didn’t know most of the songs.First band we watched were The Christians. A female fronted punk band from Norway. This was a pretty fun and energetic performance.

Next band we saw were the Dutch band Baby Face Nelson. They make a mix from country, honky-tonk, punkrock en Americana. It was a nice performance but nothing really special in my opinion.

Archers and Arrows was next in the Turbinnehalle. Their performace was kinda boring. The hardcore songs missed dynamics or some catchiness.

The atmosphere at mainstage was perfect when Immanu El played. There were fire dancers in the back and a nice sight the moon. The songs were perfect for this moment and the band played really great!

Final band from this year was Benea Reach. They put on a great show. At first the crowd was a bit tame but later on the party ended with more movement. A great ending of Freakstock 2012.

Overall we had a great festival. Lovely weather, great bands en nice people. Thanks again for the great festival see you the next edition!

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