‘Germán Pascual’ Solo Album Teaser Available


Germán Pascual known from Narnia/Divinefire. At the moment, Germán is producing the first solo album of his career, counting with musicians that will be revealed soon, check out the video teaser below. The album will be released August/September this year. We keep you posted.

Germán Pascual, uruguayan vocalist, lived in Brazil for many years, but his success was achieved at Sweden, where he’s consolidating himself as one the greatest names in the international heavy metal, being compared to legends like Dio, Jorn Lande, Coverdale and many others by fan sites around the world. 

Germán was also named the greatest ’09 metal vocalist by the portuguese website ”The Gates of Metal”. He was the last voice of Narnia, the outstanding Swedish power metal band considered an icon of heavy metal, just like Stryper, Bride and Rob Rock. In 2009 they recorded and released the CD “Course of a Generation”, Narnia‘s 7th studio album since it’s formation in 1996.

Germán also sings at Divinefire, where he shares the lead vocals with Christian Liljegren (Narnia’s ex-vocalist), they just lauched the CD “Eye of the storm” in Apr/2011.

In Jan/2011 Germán went through his first solo tour at Brazil, playing the greatest classics of Narnia and also presenting one of his projects, the Forged Wings band. Right now, he’s producing his solo career, and will be back to South America in 2012 for an extended tour.

May the Force be with you!!

Band members:
Germán Pascual – Vocals
Raphael Dafras – Bass
Martin Hall – Guitars
Thomas Plec Johansson – Guitars
Guilherme Oliveira – Keyboards

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