1863 (a Project by Malchus frontman Radoslaw Solek) Releases New Song ‘Non Omnis Moriar’ (Not Everything Dies) – Debut Album Out Now


1863 is a musical project by Radosław “Radii” Sołek (Malchus, ex Illuminandi). Inspired by the longest-running independence break in Polish history.” 

The song can be streamed in the video below. 

And also check out the previously released songs ‘Iskra’ ‘Branka’ and ‘Błogosławieństwo’ here.

The original project which music was created over the last year. In meantime, Malchus was preparing for their new album. 40 minutes of material, which is 12 tracks, were recorded in Studio Roslyn last week. Although this musical “branch” of the parent band will have a similar fast and strong style, you’ll hear elements that have never been present on Malchus’ albums before. The most important difference is the theme of the lyrics. They were inspired by the January Uprising, the longest-lasting independence uprising in Polish history. For the cover design Maksymilian Gierymski’s painting “Insurgent of 1863” was used. Grindhouse Alternative Art Studio is the author of the logo and graphics.

The debut album “1863” can be purchased in physical and digital versions through email/messenger and on the following websites:

Visit, follow and like 1863 fanpage! Facebook

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