‘Frank’s Enemy’ ‘Judas’ [Free MP3 Download]


Happy Easter from Frank’s Enemy, here is a gift from Julio Rey. The gift is a free download, a remastered version of the song Judas, a classic track taken from the selftitled debut-album Frank’s Enemy, which was released in 1994. The song can be streamed & downloaded below, by using the soundcloud player.

Julio Rey is known from eigthies Christian punk band The Lead and death/grind band/project Frank’s Enemy.

Frank’s Enemy started as a one-man project with Julio Rey recording some songs on his 4-track with his drum machine in 1990-1991 (as Julio’s previous band, The Lead, was in its final stages), and putting the results up for sale in newsletters. One thing led to another, and Julio met Marc Golob when looking for a bassist for another project called Global Warning in late 1991. Global Warning was destined for failiure due to inablility to make schedules mesh. Julio asked Marc a) would he be willing to play the material on the demos b) did he know a thrash drummer. The answers were a) Yes b) Yes, Alex A. So Frank’s Enemy started, and had been going strong since 1992.

The ride ended in December 1997 as Julio and Alex played their last show with the band. Julio retired to start a family and Alex left to get married. Marc intended to continue with the band, along with new drummer Ben Thacker (who filled in for Alex on the January 1997 tour). An attempt at a new lineup in early 1998, with Jed Brewer on keyboards and Sprite on guitar, failed to click after several rehearsals and one gig.
Since then, Frank’s Enemy has reverted to a one-man Julio Rey project, with the 2002 release of the Enraged EP online.

Lyrics: Judas

Judas at the end of the rope
No salvation and no hope
Judas at the end of the rope
No hope

Did he wonder if it had to be
As he succumbed to his destiny
Did he wonder about what he missed
As his lips formed to kiss
Satan makes for easy stomping
Knowing how he’s behind it all
But what to say about Judas
What day really saw his fall

Did thirty pieces really turn the tide
Or was betrayal always in his mind
How was he born and raised
Was his life filled with dark days
Was the serpent his companion
Or was the deal already done
Did his father break his bones
Did he steal or was he stolen from

Judas bought the death that bought us life
Fulfilled the chronicle from before time
It had to happen but it was his choice
Though the book was written he had a voice
Logic mysterious unassailable
Til the end of time concealed
Like Pharoah’s heart hardened
So God’s glory would be revealed


Atrocities, Demo,1992
Frank’s Enemy, Full-length, 1994
Link Line, Video/VHS, 1995
Neoblasphemies, Full-length, 1996
Never Mind Frank’s Enemy Here’s Loogie Soup,Demo, 1996
Illumination, Full-length, 1998
Enraged, EP, 2002

Band members:
Julio Rey – vocals and all instruments

Weblinks: Purevolume / Last.FM

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