‘Andy Atkins’ [A Plea For Purging] Talks To Noisecreep About 5 Albums That Changed His Life.


A Plea For Purging have spent the last few years either inside the confines of a recording studio or their tour van. Formed in 2005, the Tennessee combo is one of the leading Christian metal/hardcore groups in the world today.

Recently the band posted a new song The Life  [listen below].  It’s the opening track from the bands upcoming album The Life & Death Of A Plea For Purging that will be released on November 8 on Facedown Records. Stay posted for tour updates as well as pre-orders which will include limited edition exclusive vinyl, contests and much more! Enjoy!

Their fourth studio album, will be released via Facedown Records. The record promises to deliver the intense metal workouts of their past work, but this time out A Plea for Purging are also introducing some quieter, acoustic moments, reflecting their diverse influences. Noisecreep thought it was the perfect time to ask vocalist Andy Atkins to talk to them about the five albums that changed his life. Head over to Noisecreep‘s website and check it out.


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