‘Facedown Records’ 2015 Summer Sampler Available for Free Download


facedown_2015summersampler_coverart_475x475-475x475You can now download or stream Facedown Records brand new summer sampler featuring brand new music from  For All Eternity, Attalus, Those Who Fear, My Epic, Colossus and more! This is a free download so please spread the word to your friends and get these songs out to everyone possible. Thanks!

Tracklist: 1) For All Eternity – ‘Break of Dawn’, 2) War of Ages – ‘Lionheart’, 3) Attalus – ‘Sirens’, 4) Gideon – ‘Survive’, 5) Mouth of the South – ‘Hollow Veins’, 6) My Epic – ‘Hail’, 7) Saving Grace – ‘Ablaze’, 8) Those Who Fear – ’86d’, 9) Everything in Slow Motion – ‘Speak’, 10) Colossus – ‘Outcast’.

Use the following link: https://facedownrecords.com/sampler/

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