Classic Thrash/Metal Band ‘Consecrator’ – “Image of Deception” Release Date Announced, Pre-Order Your Copy Now (CD/DVD & Vinyl)


Roxx Records and No Life til Metal Records are very excited to bring you another classic Christian thrash reissue. This time hailing from the Lone Star state of Texas we welcome classic thrashers Consecrator to the family as we give the band our signature remaster treatment.

This killer new release is coming your way on limited edition vinyl and a special CD/DVD package. The vinyl release will be part of the Limited Edition Roxx Underground Series as #7 with each piece being hand numbered through 150 copies only. Each vinyl comes with a special 8 x 10 promo photo and a very special print of a brand new interview featuring James Chavez original Consecrator guitarist.

Also there will be a very special 500 piece 2 disc set made available featuring a 13 track remastered CD and a very special DVD. The 13 track CD features every recorded track from Consecrator and a brand new previously unreleased recording that will leave you wanting even more. The DVD is a special recording from the bands archive, it contains a live performance captured at the The Refuge from August 17, 1992. This package will be a limited edition pressing of only 500 pieces.

Consecrator “Image of Deception” is coming your way on October 13, 2017 and pre orders are up now with many limited edition special packages including a special run of shirts and a free bonus sticker for the first 50 orders only!

Track Listing CD:

Image of Deception Demo
1. Submission
2. Image of Deception
3. Mindlessly Betrayed
4. Vision Ignored
5. Sayings of the Wise
6. Free From Death

Previously Unreleased Track
7. Meaningless (2005 Recording)

Original debut demo
8. Make Me Laugh (Demo)
9. Satan Lies (Demo)
10. Saving Song (Demo)
11. Messiah Calls (Demo)
12. Troubled Years (Demo)
13. Cast Out (Demo)


Consecrator on Facebook

Lyric Video for ‘Meaningless’

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