Eric Clayton and The Nine Will Also Be Playing an Acoustic Show During Brainstorm Fest. 2021


During the Brainstorm Festival in November, Eric Clayton And The Nine will give an acoustic show in the theater. Numerous Saviour Machine classics are played in addition. This special concert will be given on Saturday, November 6.

The band was already scheduled for Friday November 5, where they promote the new album “A Thousand Scars” (review) on the mainstage of the Brainstorm Festival.

Previously announced bands are: Orden OganLeaves’ Eyes, Narnia, Majestica, Temperance and Morgarten. More bands will be announced in the coming weeks. In addition to performances on the mainstage, acoustic performances, debate and band interviews can be expected in the theater of the festival. There is also room for a beer tasting, an exhibition and a small CD market.

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