Dutch Based Metalcore Outfit ‘To The Wolves’ Part Ways With their Vocalist, New Vocalist Announced


Dutch based melodic metalcore band To The Wolves has checked in with the following update:

“After a long and very hard talk, we came to the conclusion that we were going to have to make a very difficult decision, but it had to be done.
We decided to part ways with our vocalist Youri. We have shared a great deal of good memories with him on our side and we wish him the very best on his adventures to come.”

“The good news is, To The Wolves will not come to a standstill!
Many of you have seen the video we posted two days ago, and the careful watchers might have noticed that was not Youri walking up to the mic.”
“So, on that note, and without further ado, we would like to introduce to you, Killyan Noor!!
Killyan will be stepping up as the new vocalist for To The Wolves!”

“Get ready for some major things happening this year, as we will be bringing you lots of new content, shows and more!”

To The Wolves is a melodic metalcore band from Almere/Lelystad, The Netherlands.

Influenced by bands like: Intervals, Novelists, While She Sleeps and This Or The Apocalypse, To The Wolves brings you songs that take you from aggressive leads to stellar ambiences and catchy chorusses, only to knock you back down with bone-crushing breakdowns.

The band was founded in June 2015 with ex-members from Merge As One and Prevent The Fall, after which they did two try-out shows. They decided to take a step back to write and record an EP before diving into the scene.

Their debut EP “Morals” has been released July 30th. our review can be found here.

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