‘David Zaffiro’ To Master The New ‘Bloodgood’ Album ?


Bloodgood 2013Legendary hardrock band Bloodgood is back in the studio, busy writing and rehearsing brand new music for their much anticipated new release, their first studio release in 22 years. The crowdfunding goal of $15.000 for the release of the band’s new studio album has been reached, still 5 days to go until the end of the crowdfunding campaign.

The title for the new Bloodgood album has been revealed earlier this week “Dangerously Close”.

The band reported the following: “If we reach our new stretch goal of $20,000,we will be able to hire David Zaffiro [seven-time Dove Award recipient and Grammy nominee] and founding Bloodgood guitarist, to master the new record! In addition, the stretch goal enables us to acquire more studio time ensuring more time for mixes, better overall production and higher quality sound making it the best sounding record we have ever done!

In addition, every single Kickstarter supporter who has pledged $5 or more will receive a digital copy of Metal Missionaries 25th Anniversary Edition. If you have already pledged over $5 and we hit our new stretch goal, then you will get our Metal Missionaries digital download, too! So please help us by giving a shout out to your Facebook, Twitter and blog sites about our Kickstarter Campaign to help push us over the mark!”

An update from Bloodgood earlier last week [July 25]:

“All but the last few bits of recording are now completed for Bloodgood‘s new album! We have 13 potential songs for the new release. The final four cuts are: “Child on Earth”, “I Can Hold On”, “Run Away” and “The Word”. Now it’s time to turn our attention to mixing, mastering and the art work.”

bloodgood studio

Band members:
Michael Bloodgood – Bass / Background vocals
Les Carlsen – Lead Vocals
Oz Fox – Guitar / Background vocals
Paul Jackson – Guitar / Background vocals
Kevin Whisler – Drums

Metal Missionaries (1985, cassette demo)
Bloodgood (1986, Frontline Records)
Detonation (1987, Frontline)
Rock In a Hard Place (1988, Frontline)
Out of the Darkness (1989, Intense Records)
Alive In America: Live Volume One (1990, Intense, live)
Shakin’ the World: Live Volume Two (1990, Intense, live)
Alive in America: Live Volume One (1990, Intense, live – VHS)
Shakin’ the World: Live Volume Two (1990, Intense, live – VHS)
All Stand Together (1991, Broken Records)
The Collection (1991, compilation)
To Germany With Love! (1993, live; later reissued)
Bloodgood Rock Theater (2002, DVD re-issue of Alive in America and Shakin’ the World)
Bloodgood: Live in Norway (2009, DVD of the band’s performance at the SeaSide Festival in Norway, 2009)
Metal Missionaries 25th Anniversary Edition (2010, B. Goode Records)

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