Folk Band ‘Dabster Gentlemen’ (Feat. Dale Thompson) New Album “Death or Life” Out Now, Listen to ‘Thick as Thieves’


Dale Thompson stays a busy man – with Bride, The World Will Burn, Perpetual Paranoia, N.O.G and now we have Dabster Gentlemen, this is something completely different from what we are used to from Dale. 

Dabster Gentlemen is Dale Thompson (vocals), Myles Barfield (Composition / Bass). Listen to the track ‘Thick as Thieves’ below, the track is taken from the new album “Death or Life” which is released on Nov. 17th. via Psalm 73 Productions.

Dabster is one that is especially skilled in the craft. Not saying we are good or the best by any means, but we have all spent a lifetime studying our instruments. The word Dabster is also thought to come from an old slang word meaning a “dabbler.” So in contrast to what was just said; an unskilled work-hand.

The band was originally “formed” in 2015 with a Jazz mindset. As the band grew and matured the sound changed, adding elements of Flamenco guitar, folk and rock.

At the core this band is an “entity” of people who love their craft and just want to make music for the sake of making music, and watching it grow, change and mature.

1. Faith -N Grace
2. Hog-Wallow
3. Fair to Middlin’
4. Doxology Works
5. On My Knees Again
6. Barkin’ At a Knot
7. Death or Life
8. Bag of Nails
9. Leap of Faith
10. One Dabster Gentlemen
11. MuttonPuncher
12. Fleeing the Marble Orchard

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Video for ‘Thick as Thieves’


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