‘Adorned In Ash’ Frontwoman ‘Robyn Ferguson’ Working on New Music (Video)


Adorned In Ash frontwoman Robyn Ferguson is currently writing new music. Ferguson checked in with the following:

“So all this talk of me writing some music and I’ve never even let you hear a bit of it! Well, here’s something I’m working on… Still need to lay down some bass and tighten up a few parts but enjoying the process so far … Something a bit more melodic”.

She adds “New music coming your way soon…”

Check out the two videos below.

Adorned in Ash (AiA) is a female fronted Extreme Metal band from Pretoria, South Africa.We pride ourselves on delivering a unique musical experience along with a powerful stage show. Influences include thrash, speed and groove metal as well as progressive and technical death & black metal. Winners of the South African Metal Music Award (SAMMA) for Best Death Metal in 2015, AiA combine elements of various musical styles whilst never compromising on the relenting Death Metal style. Adorned in Ash is also a Jackson Guitars Official Artist and uses Jackson guitars and basses exclusively on stage and in studio.

Adorned In Ash’s debut album “The Dead Walk Among Us” has been released Feb. 1st. 2014. The album was recorded at Open Track Studios in Pretoria and includes work from all band members since 2010 with Robyn’s vocals updating tracks where needed.  Mixing and mastering was done by frontwoman Robyn Ferguson.

Our review of “The Dead Walk Among Us” can be found here.

An interview (April 2015) with the members of Adorned In Ash can be found here.

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