‘Orphaned Land’ Receives Turkish Peace Award


While playing several shows in Turkey at the end of February, Israeli oriental metal ambassadors Orphaned Land received the Friendship And Peace Award from the Turkish government, despite the fact that the two countries have no diplomatic relations at the moment.

Commented Orphaned Land vocalist Kobi Farhi: “We always knew that our efforts for peace in the Middle East and between the three religions are highly appreciated but we were so surprised that we got contacted by the secretary of Turkey’s Prime Minister’s advisor Mr. Huseyin Tugcu. He contacted our manager in Turkey and we met him in Ankara on February 24th. He gave us an amazing peace award, with the flags of Turkey and Israel as well as the symbols of Judaism and Islam, both carried by a dove of peace. Mr. Tugcu explained that despite the political conflict between the countries his country appreciates Orphaned Land as a great friend to Turkey and he wanted also to thank us for donating our Istanbul show income to the victims of the devastating Van earthquake last year.

“Our tour in Turkey was amazing, supported by a great audience as always and it is for a good reason that Turkey is always described as Orphaned Land‘s second home.

“Once again we have proven that music stands above politics, above conflicts, and we Orphaned Land, a metal band from Israel are literally the unofficial ambassadors of Israel in the Arab world and Turkey. Hail oriental metal. Peace, Shalom, Salam!”

In related news, Kobi Farhi recently compiled the world’s first Oriental Metal compilation, which is available now through Century Media Records.

Orphaned Land – Sapari
Amaseffer – Slaves For Life
Arkan – Deus Vult
Pentagram – Lions In A Cage ()
Myrath – Merciless Times
Almana Shchora – Elohim
Nervecell – The Taste Of Betrayal
Khalas – El Adala Mayel
Nile – Kaffir
Melechesh – Grand Gathas Of Baal Sin
Sand Aura – Fountains Of Muses

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