Scandinavian Influenced Metal Band ‘Sylvan Fortress’ – Studio Update Available


Scandinavian Influenced Metal Band Sylvan Fortress has posted a a quick studio update with a little video of recording and some of the current “work in progress” audio for one of the songs – check it out below.

Recently Sylvan Fortress welcomed Luke Renno (Crimson Thorn/Taking the Head of Goliath) on bass/backing vocals & Ronny Hansen (Vaakevandring, Antestor, and Grave Declaration) as lead vocalist.

Cover artwork for their upcoming album “Enthroned on White” can be seen below. 

Sylvan Fortress is a metal band with a lot of black metal and other Scandanavian influences. Metal themed around triumphant battle and winter landscapes, delivered in a black metal style, using a balance of melody and grim approaches at different times.

The band is composed of: Lead Vocals – Ronny Hansen (Vaakevandring, Antestor, Grave Declaration), Guitars – Charles, Bass – Luke Renno (Crimson Thorn, Taking the Head of Goliath), Drums – Shawn Cameron (Carnifex)

The track list:
1. In the Solemn Darkness of Winters’ Dawn
2. Adorned with the Glory of Winter
3. Hammer of Woe
4. Battle, Honor, and Glory
5. Broadsword

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