‘Blessthefall’ Drops Music Video for ‘Wishful Sinking’


Blessthefall‘s video for the song ‘Wishful Sinking’ can be seen below. The clip, which is bathed in purple tones, pulsates with the band’s performance energy.

Frontman Beau Bokan said: “‘Wishful Sinking’ is a particularly special song, because it was the first one we wrote with our producer Tyler Smyth. For us, the song is a perfect blend of our new direction and old Blessthefall. With the music video, we wanted to incorporate some amazing visuals and keep the aesthetic of the album. I think we nailed it.”

‘Wishful Sinking’ is taken from Blessthefall‘s latest album, “Hard Feelings”, which was released on March 23 via Rise Records. The disc was produced by Tyler Smyth, with additional production by Matt Good and Howard Benson.

Bokan told Upset magazine about the “Hard Feelings” album title: “Once all the songs started coming together, we realized how much raw emotion was put into every line. My wife was wearing a hoodie that said ‘No Hard Feelings’ on it. As I was in the middle of writing, I saw that hoodie and said to myself, ‘Nah, fuck that. Hard feelings.’ It’s pretty random, but it all clicked.”

The singer said that the new disc “sounds fresh. It doesn’t sound like anything we’ve done before, but we’ve managed to keep our integrity. Fans will hear something familiar, but they will also be extremely surprised to hear what we created.”

Regarding the decision to sign with Rise, Bokan said: “We were speaking to a few different labels, and frankly, we really didn’t know what the future held for us as a band. Our last album was completely neglected. So we were in a scary position. Rise has a grassroots approach to the way they run their label. They don’t have 25 employees running around. They have their shit together, and they’re hard workers, just like we are.”

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Video for ‘Wishful Sinking’



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