Big Music Update from Symphonic / Celtic Metal Artist Leah


Canadian Symphonic / Celtic Metal artist Leah is currently working on a new album. She reported the following.

It’s time for a music update and some news since it’s been a while and things are progressing!

As you probably know by now, it’s official that I’m working on a new album and am deep in the writing process.

As of right now, I have 6 songs written and in pre-production status. That means the song structures are finalized and much of the orchestration, and now it’s time for guest musicians to play over all the demo parts and do the “real” recordings. My final vocal recordings are usually last.

I’m already onto the 7th song now!

I’ve been posting several little teaser clips of my writing process over on Instagram.

As for who I’m working with, it’s still a work in progress since there are many songs to go still and not all guests are finalized yet.

So far I can safely tell you I’m working once again with Oliver Philipps (Everon, Phantasma) who is producing and doing orchestration, and also Timo Somers (ex-Delain) on guitars & bass. Timo‘s taking a more active role in arrangements this time, which is a lot of fun! Also I’ll be having Sander Zoer (ex-Delain) back on drums once again!

There’s a lot more to come with guests and surprises I want to keep secret for now.

I have been REALLY itching to release a single to show you the new direction for this album… so I think I will do just that!

We are gearing up to record final guitars, bass, drums, and vocals on a few songs and then I’ll plan to release something within the next couple months if all goes according to plan! WOOHOO!

As you know, making great music is expensive and I’m 100% independent, so I’ve started a page where you can contribute to the making of this album by buying us a virtual coffee! You can do that as a one-time gift or on a monthly basis! If you’d like to donate a few coffees it will go straight to the musicians and making of this album, and I’m SO grateful. I am posting behind the scenes and music clips there for my supporters. I may add some bonuses like stickers, autographed photos, and more!

P.S. Anyone who knows me knows I’m a freedom-loving gal…. this album is inspired by brave men like William Wallace and others who have stood up to tyranny over the centuries… if that resonates with you, you will LOVE this album.


Other Projects

You may have seen that there’s another project in the works, which I’m honored to be a guest vocalist on! The project is called Eye of Melian, which is created by Martijn Westerholt (Delain, Within Temptation) and joined by vocalist Johanna Kurkela (Auri, Tuomas Holopainen’s album “Music Inspired by the Life and Times of Scrooge.”). I’m in the midst of recording guest vocals right now.

Aside from that, I’m still building my candle empire over at Mythologie Candles and having so much fun doing that! It all started 2 years ago as I was preparing to launch the Ancient Winter album and wanted candles to go with the music for a more immersive experience. And it turned into a company all on it’s own!

I often say I’m a multi-dimensional person and I absolutely love business and e-commerce. I’ve studied everything I can get my hands on and never stop learning!

Today I also love to teach others so they can become successful as well. I created a new Instagram account just for my business & e-commerce advice. It’s not about the music industry at all, it’s for handmade, artisan, and product-driven startups who want help getting their business off the ground. I’m known for my loving, but no-sugar-coating approach.

With all the business and craziness of our current times, I’m making an effort to stay in an inspired state, and that means getting out into nature and exploring trails, mountains, and lakes whenever possible. Here’s a photo from a recent exploration near a place called Sasquatch, BC. It’s a great camping area with a lot of small lakes and trails everywhere. A Pacific Northwest paradise.

I hope you are keeping well and that the music, candles, and anything else I create can help add some joy and wonder to your life… that’s my goal!

Thank you for all the support over the years and for joining me in the journey of a new album!

Much love,


Leah‘s latest album, “Ancient Winter” has been released on November 15th 2019.  

“Ancient Winter” is one of the most anticipated holiday albums of the year. Written & performed by Celtic-Fantasy artist LEAH, you’ll be taken to another era as your soul is immersed in Medieval tapestries, Celtic instruments, and Worldly flavors of the Middle East. Most of all, LEAH‘s ethereal, yet earthy vocals will enchant you as you get lost in the music of another world.

The album is a hybrid of Celtic, fantasy, medieval and folk sounds, featuring a total of eight tracks, with five original pieces, and three covers of traditional songs.

Leah has also once again brought in many other musicians that will be making guest appearances such as: Troy Donockley (Nightwish) Anna Murphy (Cellar Darling) Shir-Ran Yinon (Eluveitie) Oliver Philipps (Everon, Phantasma) Rupert Gillett, with artwork from Jan Yrlund and mixing and mastering by Tom Mueller.

Our review from “Ancient Winter” can be found here.

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