‘Hawthorn’ To Release New Album ‘Sword’s Path’


The brazilian black metal band Hawthorn is recording their second album, called Sword’s Path with influences from Scandinavian bands, with well worked melodies and vocals. The topics on the album for example are battles and human conflicts.

Sword’s Path will be released, probably in the second half of this year. The album will be released by American label Intense Millenium Records. Two videos of the recordings in studio can be seen below.

Influenced by the Scandinavian bands Hawthorn began in October 2004, in Curitiba – Paraná [Brazil], in order to make extreme / symphonic metal with well worked melodies and vocals.

Hawthorn have released two recordings independently. Dawn of Blood EP 2008 and Thorns and Blood 2010. Neither recording had been previously released in North America. Sullen Records have released a limited edition CD featuring both recordings in February 2010.
Blood and Thorns a CD that mixes Viking and symphonic black metal, with plenty of vocals. The lyrics speak of a path of blood, sacrifice and death on the way of the cross and pain about their faith in God. [Read our review at this location].

Sullen Records a partnership that has yielded good exposure of the band outside the country, and after a year with many shows, a highlight was the Show with Eluveitie in Sao Paulo [Brazil] 29/01/2011 and regional round metal battle in the city of Curitiba [Brazil].

Band members:
Guilherme – drums and vocals
Amanda Brotto – lead vocals
Keizi – guitars
Charles – bass
Totti – keyboards

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