Audio Interview with ‘War Of Ages’ Frontman ‘Leroy Hamp’ Posted Online


war of ages june 2014Durant Interviews recently spoke with War of Ages vocalist Leroy Hamp about the band’s new album “Supreme Chaos,” his thoughts on Tim Lambesis, his love for Rage Against the Machine, and more. The interview can be heard below.

War of Ages recently joined forces with Battlecross and Wretched on the “Winter Warriors Tour” (Nov. 28 – Dec. 30), paying tribute to the military with special events throughout the tour.

War Of Ages released their sixth studio album,“Supreme Chaos” on July 22th. 2014 via Facedown Records. 

“Supreme Chaos” is their most potent album yet. On “Supreme Chaos” the band steps into deconstruction territory, approaching the recording process with a structured plan of “writing metal songs, ripping them apart, and adding powerful new elements.” Recorded with Josh Barber at Covenant Studios (Norma Jean, EISM) and mixed by Will Putney (Impending Doom, For Today), it would seem that “Supreme Chaos” got the royal treatment from some of the finest sound engineers in the business.

‘Chaos Theory’, the second single from their 2014 album “Supreme Chaos”. The music video was shot and directed by Matt Spencer, the video takes place in the band’s hometown at a local venue packed out with fans and friends. The video can be seen below.

Our review for “Supreme Chaos” can be found here.

WOA  New Zealand

Upcoming Shows:
Jan 17 Murray Hill Theatre, Jacksonville, FL
Jan 19 The Library At Northgate, Baton Rouge, LA
Jan 24 Festival One Ohaupo, New Zealand
Jan 26 Valhalla Wellington, New Zealand
Jan 29 Zeal, Hamilton, New Zealand
Jan 30 Legionnaires Hall, Tauranga, New Zealand
Jan 31 Zeal, Auckland, New Zealand

Video below ‘Chaos Theory’

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