‘Armath Sargon’ Announce New Album “Damnation/Salvation”, 2 New Songs Available for Streaming


Damnation/Salvation (2015)One man black metal band from Finland Armath Sargon is working on a new album titled “Damnation/Salvation”, which will be released later this year through Nokternal Hemizphear, the date of release is not yet known. We keep you posted. Two new songs from the upcoming album are available for streaming in the soundcloud-player below.

“Damnation/Salvation” will be the follow-up to “Under the Moon and the Sun” which was released in 2012. Our review of “UtMatS” can be found here.

The band was started in 2004 at Jyväskylä, Finland. At first the band was called Litostroton, but then God gave founder the name Armath Sargon. Armath Sargon’s music can be described as atmospheric metal with lyrics centered around God, Christianity and salvation.

The album “When Love is Dead” (remastered) was re-released in 2014 through Sanctus Gladius Records. [Album Review]


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